Falling hard for a bestie has been a topic that’s been going around for way longer than when Miley Cyrus sang “If we were a movie / you’ll be the right guy / and I’ll be the best friend / that you fall in love with in the end” over a decade ago. And in “FRI(END)S,” V regurgitates the age-old dilemma, though in a new and interesting way. Because while everything about love may have been sung, they haven’t been sung in the same way.

The track is said to find its roots in pop-soul and the R&B genre, with V delivering the witty romance story with smooth vocals soft enough to melt butter – if you’re a BTS fan, I’m sure you won’t fail to see what I did there.

You’re in my head / I had plans for the weekend (Ah) / But wound up with you instead,” he kicks off singing in the sweet track, before going on to describe how they’ve known each other for a long time, been there for each other etc. etc. While that’s all good, V doesn’t want to be just friends anymore.

Friends, just for now / Yeah, but friends don’t say words that /Make friends feel like more than just /Friends, just for now (Just for now),” he sings in the chorus, and if he had his way, he would put an “end” to friends and take their relationship status to a whole new level.

The accompanying music video is more interesting still, as V goes through what could be termed a groundhog day, where he sort of repeats the same day. In the first version, he wakes up alone in bed, brushes his teeth, eats his one food, and leaves the house. The problem is that wherever he goes – on the bus, in the diner – he’s surrounded by lovers being sweet and intimate, whereas he’s lonely.

At the end, he gets hit by a car and gets a do-over, only that this time, he’s got his own love interest and everybody else is quarrelling with their partners. He goes through an awesome day, but ends up, like the original day, dying when he gets hit by a car.

Again, he wakes up in bed, but this time round, he doesn’t wake up alone or with a lover, he wakes up to find himself sitting next to him. Fans read that the video is trying to convey the message of self-love, because hey, how can you love someone if you don’t love yourself first?