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Olivia Rodrigo – Obsessed 

It’s been six months since guts was released and yet we’re not completely out of that era yet. Just a few days after Olivia Rodrigo surprised fans by announcing the deluxe version of the album in the middle of a concert, we already had several variants of the original album on vinyl.

Keeping to the theme of guts, which crosses anxiety, determination, and love, with hints of paranoia and bitchiness – if that’s even a real word – are the latest guts tracks “obsessed,” “so american,” “girl i’ve always been,” “scared of my guitar” and “stranger.” Four of these songs have already been previously available only on vinyl, including “obsessed,” which arrived on streaming platforms complete with a music video. Apart from hitting streaming platforms, fans have already heard the high-energy track on tour.

The song is about being worried about your guy’s exes to the point it starts to affect your reality, and even your relationship with the person. And yeah, since it’s Rodrigo, we get to explore this emotion of jealousy in levels that are almost too nutty for one person to bear alone. “If I told you how much I think about her / You’d think I was in love / And if you knew how much I looked at her pictures / You would think we’re best friends,” she sings in the opening verse, detailing how the obsession and fear and jealousy are corroding her own self-esteem.

The accompanying music video creatively explores this, as Rodrigo makes her way into a room filled with pageant queens. The thing is that each pageant queen represents one of her man’s ex, so throughout the music video, we get glimpses of their sashes and see words like “Miss Thought She Was the One,” “Miss Also Thought She Was the One,” “Miss 2 Summers Ago,” “Miss Mom’s Favorite,” “Miss Put Him In Therapy,” and “Miss Still His ‘Closest Friend.’” At one point, wearing her “Miss Right Now” sash, she even gets to hand out awards like “The Life of Every Fucking Party” and others.

However, in the end, when all is said and done, Rodrigo knows it’s time to pack away her fears and clean up the mess inside her head. This, she expertly showcases, by cleaning up after the girls are gone and the party is over.

As of right now, the deluxe guts (spilled) is only available on streaming and digital download, but fans have the chance to pre-order the limited 2 LP version at her website.