Nina Nesbitt – Pages

“Pages” is like the opening of a new chapter in Nina Nesbitt’s life, or at least a weary attempt to close the old one that strips her of her joy whenever she glances through it. As the first piece of music we hear from Nesbitt’s upcoming studio album, it generally represents the frame of mind that persisted throughout the time she worked on the project.

“Dear wanderer…these are my words. My years. My youth. My heart aches. My chaos. My heights. My moments. My mountains. My pages,” she wrote in the caption of a clip teasing “Pages.”

I drove my car into the dirt / Can you pull me out? I’m kinda stuck / I miss my friends and the way it was / They’ve got big plans and city jobs / The truth is I’m still kinda lost,” she sings in the heavily emotional track, going on to detail the things that “bend and burn and break” her. But the ultimate fear, something she briefly touched on in her previous song “Pressure Makes Diamonds,” is the thought of being “two years from thirty.” But that’s not the only fear, because it’s mingled with a growing fear of life.

Writing on the emotions that inspired the track, Nesbitt shared, “In the past few years, I have experienced my higest highs and my lowest lows. I have gone through some life events that have reshaped who I am as a person and how I see the world. As I approach the end of my 20s, I feel myself much more comfortable in my own skin.”

She continued: “This song is about chasing your own chaos, being comfortable with being a contradiction, feeling lost and feeling found. I think it’s so easy to strive for perfection and succumb to comparison these days, but I’m learning the things I used to cover up are becoming my most treasured ornaments.”

Nesbitt has had a hand in writing and producing her songs for years, but she took the solo route for “Pages,” which saw her write and produce the track all by herself. The “Colder” hitmaker released “Pages” and the surprise song “On the Run” on March 8.

“Pages” also marks the first release from her own her own label, Apple Tree Records. “As a songwriter and storyteller, I’ve always wanted to find somewhere that celebrates and champions that part of me. A place that doesn’t try and reshape me or water me down. A place that revels in every lyric and favors the deep cuts. I’m excited to let my roots grow wild here. I’m also happy to say we will be awarding master points, from the label side, to songwriters involved in any releases on Apple Tree Records,” she said in a press release.

“After a decade of highs and lows in this industry, I think I’m ready to take full control
of my career and become the artist I’ve always dreamt of being. No compromises. I’ll be running Apple
Tree Records hand in hand with my wonderful manager of 12 years, Vicky Dowdall. The name of the
label is a nod to our first release together when I was just 17 years old.”

Nesbitt will be joining LeAnn Rimes for a special show at The O2 in London on May 8. Rimes also got a sneak peek of “Pages” – a song she played for her fans on a short clip and confessed to loving so much.

In a different post, Nesbitt revealed that the upcoming record will be made up of 12 songs she penned in the space of two years.