Nell Mescal – Warm Body

Ever since her debut release in 2020, Nell Mescal has proven herself to be not only a talented vocalist but a skilled lyricist as well. The Irish singer-songwriter is only 20 years old, and yet the vulnerability showcased in her quickly expanding body of work suggests the introspective tendencies of a much older artist. It takes great skill to recount a personal experience in a way that is still approachable, adaptable, and relatable to a rapidly growing fanbase. Yet, Mescal appears to do so with ease. Her latest release, “Warm Body,” is a further testament to this seemingly effortless ability.

“Warm Body” is the second single off the indie artist’s upcoming debut EP, Can I Miss It For A Minute?. As with “Killing Time,” the EP’s debut single, “Warm Body,” is a richly layered look into Mescal’s past relationships. This time, however, the focus is more on how what happened in her younger years affects her present. It’s a brilliantly written look at emotional cause and effect.

At its simplest, the song tells the story of a hopeful but struggling heart that is desperately trying to push past its fear of abandonment. If the track’s chorus is looked at as the singer’s past outward plea to the intended recipient — “Promise that you won’t go leaving / ‘Cause you’ve been getting less convincing / I’m begging you to stop and listen / I’ll give you something to believe in” — then the outro is her present internal take on the relationship — “I don’t wanna go back home / I wish I’d let you know / You made me leave before I’d grown / I’m just a girl, I’m all alone” — which just so happens to fit perfectly in a give and take with the chorus. Additionally, “Warm Body”‘s final words are the same as those it opens with, denoting the vicious cycle emotional trauma instills.

For fans who have been with her since the beginning, the pop-bent stylings accompanying Nell’s meditative and somber lyrics will be familiar. The artist has a penchant for crafting instrumentals that act as a protective embrace for her memories– a simple guitar or piano lead melody that uses percussion and bass to build at the most poignant emotional points. In “Warm Body,” the music builds from a ballad into a tornado of sound that underscores Mescal’s inner turmoil before falling, as the lyrics do, back to where it started.

“Warm Body” is a masterclass in honing, expressing, and packaging emotion. If this is how she is opening her career, with a little time, Nell Mescal could easily turn out to be one of the greatest songwriters of her generation.