Photo: Lauren Dunn

Meghan Trainor & T-Pain – Been Like This 

Has Meghan Trainor managed to craft another viral hit like her last massively successful effort “Made You Look?” I don’t know, but “Been Like This” has all the makings of a track that may or may not soundtrack thousands of TikTok videos, depending on a number of factors – most of them having nothing to do with the quality or even catchiness of the song.

“Been Like This” skillfully blended Trainor’s unique vocal performance with a playful sound to give us the catchy anthem. She expertly incorporated all this with her signature themes of empowerment, confidence, and self-love, something that’s plagued the superstar since her “All About that Bass” days.

Ooh-wee, she got that booty / That type of boom-boom, that bass that I like / I said, “Who, me?” I keep it juicy / So, better hold on, hold on for dear life,” she sings in the track, giving off a careless energy that screams that she’s not here to be taken seriously.

On working with Trainor for the song, T-Pain shared, “I worked with Meghan’s husband and manager for MONTHS trying to surprise her for her birthday. She’s been a fan of mine for a long time and the feeling is definitely mutual. I think we came together in a way that’s a perfect mesh of styles that will get everybody ready for us to work together again real soon. T-Pain and M-Train, the collab you never knew you wanted but needed.”

Sadly, there’s no colorful music video accompanying “Been Like This” yet, but if we really needed to see some visuals from the “No Excuses” hitmaker, we can still happily refer back to “Made You Look.”

Trainor is not just back to tease a few singles and disappear again. No, she is not. With the release of “Been Like This,” the star announced the coming of her new album Timeless – out June 14 – complete with her first tour in seven years.

Speaking on the album via a press release, Trainor gushed, “I cannot believe it has been 10 years since this all started, I have never been more grateful for this life that my incredible Megatronz have gifted me with. This new album and tour are all for them and my beautiful family.”

Per the press release, Trainor will be joined on tour by her best friend Chris Olsen, and older brother Ryan Trainor, who will both be bringing their signature charisma and humor to the stage. Fans will also have the opportunity to hear her perform new songs from Timeless alongside classics from her previous eras.