Maya J – Princess

Maya Jenkins, known professionally as Maya J, has been releasing music since 2016, and the singer’s newest single, “Princess,” dropped on March 15. The empowering single’s release date is made even more special by the fact that March 15 was Maya J’s own birthday.

“Princess” combines pop and R&B elements, and while it is not exactly radio-friendly with its duration exceeding four minutes, it has the catchiness of a pop hit. It’s a show-stopping anthem of confidence and the perfect fit on a getting-ready playlist. With its self-assured lyrics, “Princess” encourages listeners to embrace their own main character energy.

People say don’t mess with the queen/ But the truth is don’t mess with the princess/ I don’t think you really know who you’re messing with/ Is it fire that you wanna play with/ Burns on you got you wishing you could backtrack/ Never thought a good girl could be like that,” Maya J sings in “Princess.”

In a press release, Maya J described how she views the song’s namesake, saying that a princess is not only “graceful” and “poised” but also “defends and protects herself as well as others; her kindness shall not be taken for weakness.”

While the main hook and chorus of “Princess” feature the most recognizable and catchiest part of the song, Maya J’s ad libs and the song’s verses give “Princess” a more regal feel and the singer is able to flex her vocal skills. Maya J’s singing in “Princess” is not her only musical talent showcased in the song, and her artistry can also be heard throughout the single’s production.

The production of “Princess” features a mid-tempo beat infused with the support of brass instruments that feel reminiscent of a marching band production. This puts a unique spin on the blended pop and R&B song. Throughout “Princess,” violin and strings instrumentals can also be heard. The violin is performed by none other than Maya J herself, revealing that her artistry extends far beyond singing and songwriting.

So far, there is no official music video for “Princess,” but the single’s cover art, which shows Maya J in a bedazzled body suit posed with a silver tiara, effectively captures the mood of the song. The release of “Princess” comes just over a month after her previous and sultry single “Chills,” and it is clear that with each release, Maya J is taking the initiative to try new things with her music and artistry.