Laufey – Goddess

In “Goddess,” Laufey rejects all claims that cast her in the same light as an extraordinary being and insists she’s nothing but a lowly human. She wants a future lover to get that so that their expectations aren’t crushed when it turns out she isn’t something extra special.

The slow piano-driven song describes a situation where someone has high expectations of you that you can by no means match. “It always goes like this / Could’ve predicted it / I’m so naïve to think you loved me for me / Kissed as I ran off stage,” she sings in the first verse, almost chastising herself for not realizing that he’s in love with a version of her that exists only in his fantasies. However, she doesn’t take all the blame, as she adds, “You’re too old to play this game / Guess you’re still growing up at thirty, oh.”

I guess this song touches on what it’s like to be in love with someone who fell for a version of you that doesn’t exist, or at the very least, doesn’t exist at all times. Describing the shock the partner-presumably-turned-ex felt upon finding her different from what he expected, she sings, “Were you surprised by me / When you took me home? / When the glamour wore off / Reduced to skin and bone.”

Written by Laufey, the song crosses through themes of heartbreak, fame, and anger. She first performed the song on her The Bewitched Tour on February 21, 2024, continuing to perform the track at her tour stops in Hamburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Milan, Lausanne, Cologne, and Amsterdam. A few days later, Laufey officially announced the release of the single with short snippets from the song. Concertgoers also shared videos of her performing the song during her tour stops.

Speaking on the song via a press release, Laufey said: “‘Goddess’ is my most honest song yet. I wrote it alone at my piano after feeling like someone had fallen in love with the version of me they’d seen on stage, just to find that I wasn’t what they projected once I was off stage. They deemed me to no longer be a shiny thing when the glamor wore off, reduced to skin and bone.”

“Goddess” is featured on the extended version of her 2023 album Bewitched, which includes four brand-new songs. The “Promise” singer is still in the midst of her the European leg of her sold-out Bewitched: The Goddess Tour, which recently saw her play sold-out shows across the UK including a three-night residency at EartH.