Photo: Kelly Christine Sutton

Kacey Musgraves – Too Good To Be True

Kacey Musgraves’ newest single, “Too Good To Be True,” is calming, enchanting, and what dreams are made of. You can just play the song on any old day and enjoy the peace stealing over you. “Too Good To Be True” is about being in this perfect state of mind, and of course no one would want such times to ever come to an end.

I feel like with the first two singles, Musgraves is painting us a picture of what her upcoming album is going to be all about. With “Deeper Well,” she told us about learning to cast her pains away, learning to live without the people and habits that are wasting her time, and discovering that the world isn’t a perfect little place filled with happy little people. If you’re not careful, someone’s going to try to take all you’ve got, and probably she’s singing from experience now that I remember some lines from her song “breadwinner.”

Moving on from “Deeper Well,” we find “Too Good To Be True.” If she found a deeper well to cast her pains and fears in, it means she’s left with a peace so great it’s “Too Good To Be True.” In the single, Musgraves is no longer burdened by the pain of the past, but positively looking forward to the future, though with some reserves.

Made some breakfast, made some love / This is what dreams are made of / On a cloudy Monday morning / Summer’s gone and you’re still here,” she sings in the chill acoustic track depicting what I like to call “eternal sunshine for the spotless mind.” However, in the chorus she shows some restraint, singing, “Please don’t make me regret / Openin’ up that part of myself / That I’ve been scared to give again.”

In the second verse, she confesses that even though she’s struggling with a hint of fear, she still doesn’t want to slow down. In the outro, she reasonably pleads, “Made some breakfast, made some love / If this is what dreams are made of / Please don’t wake me.”

The song interpolates Anna Nalick’s 2005 VH1 hit “Breathe (2AM),” so Nalick received writing credits alongside Musgraves, Daniel Tashian, and Ian Fitchuk, all of whom got producer credits as well.

In addition to the single, Musgraves announced tour dates, kicking off in Dublin, Ireland, on April 28 and coming to an end at Bridgestone Arena in December, after going through the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and the UK.