Halle – In Your Hands

Halle continues to make her mark as a solo artist in the music world, and with “In Your Hands,” she showed us that “Angel” was just the beginning. Coming seven months after the release of “Angel,” “In Your Hands” comes with a confusing duality of meaning; is she singing about a lover or a mother’s love for her child? Turns out she’s singing about both.

Explaining the writing process and why the song comes with a double-jointed meaning, Halle said in an Instagram Live: “I had wrote this song and it was a completely different song. There was one particular I liked about it, and it was the hook. I was gonna have this as an interlude in my album. And everybody was telling me, “You can’t do that to this song” so I go back in, rewrite the song and start over and believe in myself. The hook is based off of being in love in a relationship, and knowing that your future with this person is beautiful but also knowing your worth and telling your significant other your worth. But the verses that I wrote, I wrote when I was pregnant. It has a double meaning. The verses are to Halo, because I felt I was singing to him, just about how I’m always gonna be here for him and my journey as his mother.”

The Little Mermaid star first teased the song on TikTok with a clip of her playing electric guitar to the song’s chorus. Always the vocal queen, she sings of being so confident in receiving her man’s love that she believes there’s no “love” for him after her.

All in your hands, in your hands / The world is yours when I’m in it / In your hands, in your hands / You can’t let go or you’ll lose your chance,” she sings in the chorus, which is led by the electric guitar as opposed to the piano-driven verses. “In Your Hands” clearly proves that Halle is a lyrical genius, as she carries us on another self-worth loop that boldly started with “Angel.”

This is one of those cases when a beautiful introspective song comes with a beautiful music video, and Halle did not disappoint.

In fact, her baby son Halo made his first official appearance in the video, where she cuddles him in her arms and holds his tiny hands in moments sure to bring tears to a lot of eyes. Some have often described motherhood as a new stage in one’s life – a better stage – and well, Halle agrees.

Last September, Halle, who is one half of the R&B duo Chloë x Halle, announced the coming of her debut EP by the end of the year. Even though this didn’t come to fruition, there are rumors she’s expanded her EP to a full album, though the title and release date are still under wraps.