Chlöe – FYS

Chlöe isn’t fazed by any potential lover’s status on “FYS.” You’ve got money and diamonds. Okay. But have got what it takes to love a woman like Chlöe, or to put it more correctly, to be loved by a woman like Chloë? “Feels so good like that (Like that) / When you hit it right like that (Like that) / Go another round for the night,” she sings in the first verse of the steamy R&B track.

Fuck your, your status, it don’t matter (Don’t matter) / Money, cars and the diamonds / Don’t faze me, I been had it / Fuck your status (Had it) / I just, just wanna love you, baby,” she croons in the chorus.

Produced by Go Grizzly, Bongo, and Cashmere Brown, “FYS” is expected to appear on her upcoming sophomore LP. Since the release of her debut album In Pieces, Chlöe has continued to prove that she’s more than one part of Chloë x Halle – a duo she performs in with her younger sister. While fans and critics alike have often compared her style to Beyoncé’s, she keeps straying farther away from this narrative with every new release. Yes, there’s a bit of Beyoncé flavors in her songs, but no more than a pinch.

Speaking on the inspiration and process of making the upcoming record, and surviving the criticisms spurned by the last one, Chlöe told People, “I was really vulnerable, and I was like, ‘This project’s going to be about all types of heartbreak’ — not just with a romantic partner, but heartbreak with family and friends that you trusted and thought would always be there for you. Heartbreak within yourself when it’s hard to look in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘I love you,’ because you haven’t found that self-love yet.”

Last year, she also opened up to Rolling Stone about hitting a creative block when working on the project. She said: “When I had a creative block for the album, that was because I was so caught up in having my eyes and ears on what I think people expect from me and caring too much. That’s when my creativity and artistry got suffocated and I wasn’t creating the way that I was meant to.”

The “Body Do” singer added, feel like we all have a gift and we’re all vessels of that gift. When I worry too much about outside opinions, or who can I please the most or who will I not please, that will defeat the whole purpose of what art is about. Not everybody’s supposed to like art. It’s all about perspective. And, you know, not everybody will see or hear the same thing the same.”