Charli XCX – Von dutch

Charli XCX is a little bratty on her latest single “Von dutch,” but maybe that’s because it’s the lead single off her upcoming sixth studio album, Brat. When a snippet of the song hit the internet on February 3, fans were already convinced that it was going to be a full-on banger, you know, the type that only Charli XCX can deliver. And boy they weren’t wrong. Fast forward to February 22 and she premiered the song live during Charli’s Boiler Room set held in Brooklyn, New York to an astonishing 25,000 RSVPs received within the first few hours of the announcement. The event marked the largest count in Boiler Room history.

It’s okay to just admit that you’re jealous of me / Yeah, I heard you talk about me, that’s the word on the street,” XCX sings in the EASYFUN-produced brash and synth-heavy pop. You might have heard of confidence-boosting songs, this one oozes it in every line of the song. It’s like the “Blame It On Your Love” hitmaker was carelessly shrieking “I’m worthy and you know it.”

I’m just living that life / Von Dutch, cult classic, but I still pop / I get money, you get mad because the bank’s shut,” she sings in the chorus, firmly resisting any person that’ll tell her she shouldn’t enjoy her hard-earned money and fame.

Directed by Torso and shot at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport, the accompanying music finds the avant-pop star just being bratty as she moves around the airport. In one scene, she smashes her head on the camera and leaves a red residue (they want us to think it’s blood) on the camera. However, this red stuff disappears after a while, allowing us to see the wound XCX knocked into her own head.

In case you didn’t have enough of “Von dutch” the first time, XCX recruited collaborator, friend, and protégé Addison Rae for the remix. Due to the ultra-catchy nature of the song, XCX focused its promotion on TikTok, where with the right challenge – dance or otherwise – the song could go so viral barely anyone can escape it.

According to her press release, this new era will be built around high art references and social commentary, offering not only new music but new visuals. This will be a follow-up to 2022’s CRASH, which topped the UK’s official album chart. For all the anticipation surrounding this new project, she did not disappoint with this first tease.