Cassadee Pope – Eye Contact

Cassadee Pope is continuing to tease a new album with her latest release “Eye Contact.”

The singer-songwriter, who is continuing her reign in the pop-punk music world, co-wrote the track with Devon Lewow and Mitch Marlow and finds her disclosing past experiences of disloyalty and the lasting impact it has.

The song kicks off with a mighty punch with Pope singing, “You said you’d never tell me goodbye/ You left in the dark/ I guess you were right/Straight to my face/ And all out of time/ Now I hate eye contact.”

She then continues, “Never forget connection/ Like a magnet, you drove me in/ Guess I had the wrong deception/But you made sure we locked in/ I’ll never see the color blue, the same again/ I’ll never feel the spark of love and let it in/ I’ll never get lost in a moment I’ll regret/ I’ll never let you back under my skin.”

In another verse, she sings: “This is gonna hurt for awhile/ I’ve got no more trust left in me/ Another trip toward a downwards spiral/ Professional liar that I couldn’t read.”


These feelings are normal and know you are not alone. It’s okay to feel hurt and everyone’s healing journey is different. The most important thing is to make sure you have a great group of friends to help you heal after a tough breakup. And of course all the comfort things, music, comfort foods, TV, and movies. Journaling your feelings helps too.

In a statement from a press release, Pope said, “I wanted to write a song about the lasting effects a liar has on someone else. Sometimes the very thought of maintaining eye contact with someone after being betrayed can feel impossible. I wanted to compliment the lyric with a heavy approach sonically and I feel like that really gets the frustration across.”

Pope made her return to this genre with the release of “People That I Love Leave” last year to rave reviews across music outlets and fans and listeners alike.

As much as I love country Cassadee, I believe she finally found her footing in the genre she truly belongs. As a long-time fan since The Voice, it’s been truly incredible to watch her music grow alongside her. She’s not afraid to be unapologetically and authentically herself.  Her vocals shine no matter what genre she sings.

“Eye Contact” is just another taste of what’s to come with her forthcoming album.