Carly Pearce – hummingbird

Carly Pearce just announced the coming of her fourth studio album with its titular track, “hummingbird,” and it’s not an especially easy one to digest due to its heavy message of pain.

The wind is like a memory that paces in the night / Waitin’ for the moment that your guard is compromised,” she sings of the way pain creeps into the mind, and how nothing can keep it back. “It don’t care if you’re sleepin’ / It don’t care if you’re drunk / It knows the secrets you’re keepin’ / No matter where you wake up.” She then goes on to emphasize this point in the chorus by comparing it to things that have no control over whatever grieves it, like “Ooh, and the train don’t stop / ‘Cause the tracks get tired of the way it talks.”

The soft country ballad basically bottles the meaning of being stuck in one’s head with an aching heart and having no control over it or even how to stop it or tune it down.

Like Pearce said ahead of the release of this single and in the announcement of her album hummingbird – out June 14 – this will be her most vulnerable and “Carly” era yet. It’s an era of sadness, but it’s also one of healing.

“The last few years have been a season of loss and growth, of healing and happiness,” Pearce revealed in the announcement post, which featured the cover art for the album. “A belief that if I did the inner work, I would rebuild myself stronger than I was before, and a knowing that I have done some living and will always be unapologetic about it.”

She then shared that the 14 tracks on the album “incapsulate my confidence that there is light on the other side of darkness and my true love of country music.”

“When you hear this album — Wherever you are on your journey, I hope it shows you that pain can be a lesson that shows you just how strong you are and what you truly deserve. That we can all find the ‘hummingbird’ in the midst of whatever we’re going through,” she concluded in the caption on Instagram.

hummingbird will mark Pearce’s debut as a producer, which she does alongside Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. According to the “We Don’t Fight Anymore” songstress, the upcoming record will feature a more traditional country sound, marking a conscious decision to stray from the production prominent in her last studio album, 2021’s “29: Written in Stone.”

The accompanying music video sees Pearce performing the song, but the whole thing is blurry. “I loved making this video because I feel like it really captures the essence of what “hummingbird” is about,” she wrote on X.