Benson Boone – Slow It Down

I guess Benson Boone is in his “never release a bad song” era because he’s been putting out hits upon hits and fans are just… You know what? Let’s just say superbly blown away. Fans have been wanting “Slow It Down” for what feels like a lifetime, so it’s a great thing that their calls were answered with the release of the song on Thursday, March 21.

In the song, Boone doesn’t want to inconvenience a lover – or even himself – by continuing their relationship in a fast-paced manner. If he or his partner are going to get lost in their head, they should take things slowly. While the beginning of the song starts with this heavy almost mournful piano sound, the chorus kind of has a happy, sort of sparkly, feeling to it. “We’re too young to drown / Deep in dirty waters / Full of hopeless doubt / Let me pull you out / Let me hold you now / Let me slow it down,” he sings in the chorus.

In the song’s first verse, he sings about wanting to slow their relationship down for the sake of his partner who is “scared it’s movin’ quickly / Oh, now you’re crying, you’re in pieces / ‘Cause the only love you’ve ever known is Jesus.” However, in the second verse, Boone has a lot of reasons why he would want to take things slow as well, like “Maybe loving you is dangerous / I could lose you like the others / Only girl that’s never left me is my mother.” So at the end of the day, the song is about Boone deciding to take things slow with his lover for his and the partner’s comfort.

The accompanying music video sees Boone singing the song in a beautiful room and some scenes, he’s outdoors being rained on. He’s also seen playing the guitar, the drums, and the piano.

Boone, who has managed to gain a massive audience on TikTok, teased snippets of the song on the platform, with fans sharing their enthusiasm about the song in the comment section.

In another clip, where he actually did a flip, he also shared that the song would be coming a day early. He further teased that he was ready to spill some tea on the details surrounding his upcoming album, Fireworks & Rollerblades – out April 5.

Even after the release of the song, Boone continued to promote it on TikTok with different fun clips, including sharing one where a kid dueted with the announcement video for the song. He captioned that one with “Proud father moment.”