Bellah Mae – 2053

Singer-songwriter Bellah Mae is a rising star on the music scene, and her new single “2053” solidifies her power as a storyteller. Released on March 8, 2024, “2053” takes the regret of a breakup a step further as Bellah fears she may never be over a heartbreak years in the future. It’s a relatable song for anyone who has experienced heartbreak or has a particular person they just can’t seem to get over.

“2053” begins as a quiet ballad, with soft piano notes barely breaking above Bellah’s vocals. As the song progresses, various instrumentals join the piano to give the song’s production more strength. The gentle piano notes return in the final chorus of “2053,” effectively showcasing Bellah’s reflective state as she sings about a past love.

The premise of “2053” is universal and can be summarized in the single’s chorus, “So what if it’s 2053 / I still think of you and you still think of me / And I did everything that I said I was gonna do / Will part of me regret it I didn’t do it with you? / 2053 / I’ve got another man and a happy family / And he’s a great guy, but he doesn’t have a clue / That I do love him, just not how I loved you.”

“2053” grapples with the present and the future. In the song’s verses, Bellah sings of how strange it is to be going through life changes, big and small, without an ex-partner. Meanwhile, the chorus is full of big-picture and hypothetical questions. Bellah is still asking those questions in the outro of “2053,” and it’s not clear if she will get her answer before the year 2053.

It is said that time heals all wounds, but it is often difficult, if not impossible, to know how you will feel about someone in 30 years, especially when the heartbreak still feels fresh. Logically, you might know that you are capable of moving on, but at the moment, you wonder if you will always think about someone else even while with a hypothetical future partner.

In the official lyric video for “2053,” Bellah Mae sits down in an empty movie theater with a bowl of popcorn. She puts her feet up on the seats in front of her and watches a home video of a relationship on the screen as the song’s lyrics are displayed. At the end of the video, Bellah gets up and exits the theater.

“2053” is everything a pop breakup ballad is expected to be, and it gives fans another hint of what awaits them on Bellah Mae’s upcoming EP, Never Waste A Heartbreak.