Becky G – boomerang

Multi-platinum singer-songwriter Becky G is back with another smash hit, “boomerang,” and this time she’s found it necessary to blend fast-paced tropical rhythms with a hint of funk. According to the press release, the song was consciously made to try and transport people to a jungle-like experience that feels both familiar and strange thanks to the song incorporating Becky G’s signature sound and her artistic versatility.

The Dylan Brady and Sol Was-produced Latin track explores what it’s like to have an up-down relationship with someone ready to give you some, if not all, of his time and commitment.

In “boomerang” Becky G further pushes the boundaries of her versatility, as she confidently explores new ideas and different sounds, giving her the credit for demonstrating the desire and aptitude to create innovative tracks.

The lyrics below have been translated into English through Google Translation.

On Monday he leaves me confirmed and on Friday he says that he is ready to pick me up / Very cool on the weekend and on Sunday he forgets that I exist / He always does the same thing,” she sings in the first verse, the percussion setting what is described as “an intriguing backdrop, as the song’s infectious rhythm seamlessly fuses elements of funk and pop, tapping into emotions that take listeners on a deeply relatable journey.”

My DM is full but I like the fool who doesn’t love me,” she mourns in the chorus. “Although in person he tells me that he prefers me, ah-ah / He says that he dies for me.” 

“I can’t say no, no Because I always want more, more,” she sings in the post chorus, going on to confess that he doesn’t want the same thing she does.

Becky G paired the powerful beats with her capable vocals, leaving fans with an experience that’s hard to easily shake off. And yeah, she wants you to dance too. “boomerang” follows her “Amigos” collab with BIBI. It also marks her first solo musical release of the year.

The release comes on the heels of Becky G performing her song “The Fire Inside” alongside a choir of girls from ages 9 to 12 at the 96th Academy Awards. The girls were picked from Crozier’s Middle School Choir, and the beautiful performance firmly placed Becky G as one of the stars that survived the music industry’s efforts to blot the older generation with a new generation of musicians. And by the new generation, I’m thinking of the class of Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, and Tate McRae. You know, pop’s newest superstars.