AURORA – Some Type of Skin

There’s a reason why fans are buzzing about this new era of AURORA, and let’s just say she keeps raising the bar with each successive song from her upcoming album. So far, we’ve been gifted “My Blood,” “Conflict of Mind,” and now “Some Kind Of Skin” and it looks set to be one of those songs that’ll plague my ears for years to come.

In case you hadn’t noticed, this new era AURORA pretty much wants to explore resistance to pain, while at the same time maintaining a certain level of vulnerability, that we can’t but see our own pains reflected in her songs. It’s always been clear that AURORA is in her own league and that she has the gift of going as deep as she wishes and still retaining some hope of light, giving her music a healing edge, which is something I realize most fans crave from her.

The electro-pop track is about trying to grow a bit of resistance to pain so that it’s not always so injurious. While battling her demons, she sings, “We’re good people / And we deserve peace / It’s difficult, it seems.” She then screams, “My God it’s a lot,” and if you’ve been long enough on this planet, you know how true that can be.

“Some Type Of Skin” was first previewed by BBC Radio 1’s Clara Amfo a day before its official release. She also performed the song during a recent one-off, exclusive show at London’s Lafayette during BRITs Week 2024 for War Child, where it was received by an ecstatic crowd.

Speaking on the song and the message she wanted to portray, she said, “I’ve always been told that I should build some type of skin. I’ve always let myself merge too much with the world, not really knowing where the world ends and I begin. This song screams the muchness of it. And it’s delicious. Being human is really delicious, even though it’s more than any of us can handle. My god it’s a lot.”

The single comes complete with a music video where we see AURORA dancing around black mannequins. In some scenes, they are shattered, but as the alt-pop star moves through them, she manages to give us glimpses into the emotional wars happening inside her head. AURORA co-directed the music video with Kaveh Nabatian, who she says “feels like a strange soulmate from another world. When our minds collide, it’s always wonderful. It was wonderful to join minds once again, bringing loneliness to life – visually.”