Alec Benjamin – King Size Bed

Alec Benjamin has finally got himself a king-size bed, but he doesn’t have a Queen to share it with.

“King Size Bed” continues Benjamin’s thread of lyrical storytelling, and marks the second musical offering from him this year as he prepares to roll out his upcoming third studio album.

In “King Size Bed,” Benjamin details the feelings that plague him in the aftermath of a failed relationship that he hasn’t gotten over. Like we sometimes do when we can’t help but be hopeful, Benjamin buys the king-size bed in the hopes it might bring his ex back to him.

In the first verse, the Arizona native presents the problem that subsisted in the relationship while it lasted, singing, “She said, “I’ll take the left side tonight, I don’t mind / I know you’ve got a call to take at nine / I’ll sleep against the wall, even if it hurts my back / I’ll take some Tylenol, you don’t worry about that.” In the pre-chorus, he remembers making the promise to buy a bigger mattress so that none of them will ever have to sleep in discomfort again. However, when he makes enough money to buy the said “bigger mattress” it’s too late; she’s moved on and he’s alone, dreaming and yearning for what was. In the song’s cover image, he’s sitting alone in the middle of a large bed, surrounded by white sheets.

Benjamin’s songs have a quality of maintaining a light, almost jovial, tone even when he’s singing about dark and conflicting subjects. For example, his single, “Sent My Therapist To Therapy,” is about suffering from something so greatly messed up, that even therapists can’t figure out how to proceed to help you, but he made it in such a way that you could almost say there’s light streaming into the darkness.

The “Let Me Down Slowly” hitmaker has been around for a while, though new people continue to discover and fall in love with his music every day. Long before he struck gold his breakthrough single, “Let Me Down Slowly,” which reached the top 40 in over 25 countries, he’d been dropped by major record label Columbia when he presented them with his first album in 2016.

Despite the setback, Benjamin decided to take his music career into his own hands and went on a self-funded tour in Europe to open for Marina Kaye in France and Lea in Germany. At the time, he heavily promoted his music by performing in parking lots outside concert venues and handing out business cards to passersby.