Maggie Lindemann – HEADSPLIT


Maggie Lindemann might just be one of music’s most important new voices! For as much as she’s evolved over the last few years, transitioning from chart-topping pop to all things alt-rock, she’s never been one to shy away when it comes to being brutally honest, something that’s strongly reflected across her latest EP HEADSPLIT. Following on from 2022’s SUCKERPUNCH, the new, somewhat experimental, EP showcases Lindemann’s desire to own a heavier, more guitar-driven sound than what she debuted with, resulting in what could be her strongest and most original record to date.

Starting off strong, “rip my heart out” sets the tone for what’s to follow with its ethereal vocals that eventually give way to heavy, crunching guitars and thumping drums. The haunting opener, which makes for one of the project highlights, lays her heart and soul bare as she details the raw emotions behind having your own feelings dictated by someone else’s. “Rip out my heart / To give you life / Tear me apart / Teary eyes,” she croons over head-banging worthy beats. “You’re the blood that flows through my veins / Be the shield that takes all your pain / Rip out my heart / To give you life.

Taking cues from the likes of 100 gecs, Superheaven, and Hans Zimmer, HEADSPLIT also expresses Lindemann’s desire to try new things, without being disingenuous to herself, which is reflected in the several collaborations listed. From identifying manipulative red flags on “deprecating” to doing an insane amount of self-reflection on “24” and “taking over me”, the Dallas-born artist delivers heaps of attitude across the tracks, all of which begs for a live environment with their edgy, somewhat hardcore, production. As she sings about such topics, calling back to the times of hateful thoughts, being unstable, and unrequited love, her unique new blend of genres elevates the EP to a whole other level whilst showcasing her love and understanding of alternative music in a different, but by no means less impactful, way.

As Lindemann continues to battle with her inner demons across the eight-track project, there’s also part of her that’s figuring out who she is and what she wants. Giving listeners a glimpse into her manic state of mind, “you hold my love” and “hostage” follow the singer-songwriter as she toys back and forth between the reality of her thoughts and feelings, and coming to terms with them. The electropop-inspired “you hold my love”, which sounds reminiscent of Bring Me The Horizon’s 2019 record amo, finds Lindemann addressing harsh realities as she proclaims “the love I feel for you’s alarming,” whereas the emotionally charged “hostage” finds her diving deeper and achingly opening up about how she handles such thoughts. “I’ll shut it off, just let it go / I’ll drown in it when it overflows,” she sings. “I get so low and lose all control.

Overall, HEADSPLIT continues what 2021’s PARANOIA started and serves as a triumphant response to the music executives who stole her sound. From start to finish, the spine-chilling EP finds Lindemann coming into her own, unapologetically embracing her identity, and that alone is something worth celebrating.