FLETCHER – In Search Of The Antidote


An antidote is used to heal, to counteract poison, but sometimes reaching that point of healing is not a clear-cut path. In her new album In Search Of The Antidote, FLETCHER takes listeners on a transparent pop journey filled with emotional catharsis, the highest highs, and some pretty low lows. Released on March 22, In Search Of The Antidote is the singer-songwriter’s sophomore studio album and follows her 2022 album Girl Of My Dreams.

The drop of In Search Of The Antidote was preceded by three pre-release singles from the album, “Doing Better,” “Lead Me On,” and “Eras of Us,” the second, fourth, and sixth songs on the tracklist, respectively. “Maybe I Am” kicks off the album on a somber note as FLETCHER reflects on the criticisms about herself she has been told and wonders if she should embrace those evaluations.

Healing can often be messy, and FLETCHER tackles the contradictory nature of moving on and perspective with the song “Two Things Can Be True.” In the song, FLETCHER alternates between regret and acceptance as she sings of a past lover and friend who has since moved on.

Two things can be true/ He can love you, baby, and, baby, I can too/ Things, they can be true/ You can have his body and still think of mine too/ You can still call mе up at night/ He can still be the lovе of your life/ You can ignore me in every room and still miss me/ And me too, things can be true/ He can love you, baby, and, baby, I can too,” she sings in “Two Things Can Be True.”

Other album highlights include “Attached To You” and “Crush,” which are back to back on the tracklist and include opposite messages. In “Attached To You,” FLETCHER sings of keeping someone at arm’s length to prevent herself from getting attached. The song “Crush” is filled with double entendres in which FLETCHER pleads for her love interest, “I dare you to love me, wonderin’ why/ Won’t you crush me?

The release of In Search Of The Antidote does not include any new music videos, but “Pretending,” the ninth song on the 11-song tracklist is the album’s newest single. Reminiscent of pop-rock songs from the early 2000s, “Pretending” shows off FLETCHER’s vocal range as she sings of two people who are ignoring the fact they seem destined to end up together.

You crack a joke ’bout kissin’ me/ ‘Bout going there, ’bout lovin’ me/ I laugh it off as if that s**t wouldn’t wreck me/ As if I’m not what you’re waiting for/ Like I’m not in your ending/ Yeah, for now, we’ll both keep on pretending,” she sings.

“Pretending” also captures the overall musical theme of the album with its production. While categorized as pop, In Search Of The Antidote at times is influenced by alternative pop and pop rock, and it relies heavily on guitar instrumentals. This gives the album the atmosphere of an indie record, which matches the singer’s honest and poignant songwriting. With In Search Of The Antidote, FLETCHER shares her flaws, fears, and hopes in a cohesive album that reflects her musical evolution.