Introducing: Kristii

It can be easy to underestimate the impact R&B music has made globally. Yes, while its biggest market has always been the US, its universal appeal has seen it earn fans in every corner of the planet. Some of those fans become artists and one of them is Kristii. The Austrian rising star cut her teeth touring with Verse Simmonds and Tory Lanez and recently released a single with Rich the Kid, titled “My Baby.” We caught up with her to discuss all that and more.

In one word, describe the Kristii sound.


You have a long and layered career with several highlights, can you tell us how it all started?

I’m originally from Austria but was discovered by my former manager after I performed at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. I started gaining fans in Europe after exploring EDM music. I released a song called “Recovery,” produced by Paperboy Fabe and written by Cheyenne Lavene. It reached number 8 on Billboard Dance Radio in the US. I later performed several shows on a Tory Lanez tour, followed by a meeting with super producer Scott Storch – who introduced me to notable writers and producers including Gino the Ghost, Verse Simmonds, and more. I then ventured into R&B and pop music. One of the songs “Lightning” was produced by Adonis Shropshire, and features two of my favorite artists. I am looking forward to that release this summer.

Which albums would you say played the biggest role in influencing your music?

Dangerously in Love by Beyonce, In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith, and On the 6 by JLo.

Your new single, “My Baby,” features Rich The Kid. What inspired the track and collaboration?

The song was produced by Scott Storch and written by myself and Verse Simmonds. I wanted to make a love song, but not so much a ballad. With that in mind, we got Rich The Kid to set the mood with his rap elements, then I was able to follow. The song is about two people who are feeling one another, and one is trying to win the heart of the other.

Let’s talk Tory Lanez. What did you learn from the touring experience and how would you say his fans differ and are the same as yours?

I loved touring with Tory! This experience was special as I got to tour for the first time in the US. I loved seeing new places while gaining and meeting new fans. The performance in Canada was probably my favorite, as the crowds there were very passionate. I’m thankful to Tory and my team for that experience.

Fashion plays an important part in your art. How would you say your style has evolved?

Yes, I love fashion! I strive to be comfortable, yet stylish. I want to show women that we can be our own version of sexy – and don’t need to satisfy the eye of another to be loved. Self love always comes first! I’m the past, I’ve experimented with vibrant colors and everyday wear such as jeans, cute tops, and sometimes took a more formal approach in dresses and suits.

I will be working with a stylist for the first time starting next month, and am really excited about that. I had always styled myself so I’m looking forward to being able to enhance my current looks. It took a bit for me to open up to this, as I’m pretty meticulous about my comfortability – but I now get to explore more of my feminine side, showing a softer, yet chic and more edgy side of me.

What are your musical plans for the year?

I will be releasing an album this summer with production and writing by Scott Storch, Paperboy Fabe, Tommy Brown, Cheyenne Lavene, and myself. I have expanded my team which I am excited about – and we are currently planning a show run in the late summer months out in Southern California. We have some very exciting prospects that I will be opening for, and we will be announcing show dates in the coming months!