Photo: Aidan Zamiri

Wallows – Your Apartment

Since hitting people’s radar in 2017, Wallows have established an ’80s-influenced sound with hints of post-punk, synth pop, and power pop as well as more down-to-earth contemporary bedroom pop. Their debut album, Nothing Happens, arrived in 2019, shortly followed by 2020’s Remote EP and 2022’s Tell Me That It’s Over full-length, the latter of which made a huge impact on the band and sparked a massive series of international shows. Taking time out to focus on their next step, the American trio have spent the last few months teasing fans of new material and, after an agonizing, almost two-year-long wait, have finally graced fans with their new single “Your Apartment.”

Sparking their next era, “Your Apartment” keeps Wallows’ abundant use of indie guitar riffs that they’re well known for and engulfs listeners with the latter alongside incessant piano and drum beats. The track, which revolves around an unstable relationship with hints of infidelity, opens with a staccato guitar instrumental before taking shape and hitting listeners with its deep and honest lyrics.

“Old wounds seem to open up with you / What am I supposed to do?” vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dylan Minnette questions in the pre-chorus. “I don’t need to walk you through it,” he croons before teaming up with Lemasters for the chorus, their voices blending together perfectly. “But I promise, I get your sentiment,” vocalist and lead guitarist Braeden Lemasters states, his melancholic tone matching the chorus’s desperation. “I wonder who’s been at your apartment / Would you give in, or would you relent? / Who’s been tryin’ to get in your bed?

Sonically frenetic and lyrically introspective, the punchy indie track pushes Wallows’ melodic appetite to the fore. Its beat is constantly changing up on the audience, making it a delight to listen to, and the electro bounce throughout juxtaposes the sinister undertone of the lyrics. To put it simply, “Your Apartment” has something for everyone and gets more enticing the more one listens. It’s the perfect track for anyone who has been through a rough time in terms of relationships and finds the band feeling more at home in their sound than ever before. “It feels so good to be back,” the band stated in an Instagram post. “We hope you’re as excited as we are. This is just the beginning,” they add. With new music on the horizon, all of our eyes are going to be on Wallows this year. We’re too excited to hear what else they have in store.