TWICE – One Spark

TWICE is in their friendship era and it’s been a timeless one to be in so far. Their 13th mini-studio album With YOU-th did not only explore the friendship shared between the nine members of TWICE but also the kind the girls share with their fanbase ONCE.

Their latest single “One Spark” continues with the motive of showcasing how deep and special a bond shared between two or more people can grow, and this time, there are fireworks to help blow our minds. In the song, we’re treated to elevating lines like, “Everybody wants that endless flame / Heatin’ up like an everlasting blast / Eternally hopin’ we / We’re sparkling beautifully (Ooh) / Forever’s here if you just stick with me.”

In the music video, they bring this to life in magnificent halls and white backgrounds, whilst being resplendent in more or less matching outfits. Apart from showing us places and scenes that’ll likely cause eyes to adore, the girls’ choreography is another aspect of the video that comfortably stands out. Towards the end of the video, the girls are seen on top of a bridge while fireworks go off around them.

If they didn’t do credit to their “’Cause my heart is burning, burning, burning / So good that it’s hurting, hurting, hurting” line in their video, I doubt any other thing can.

This kind of goes in line with the music video for their previous single “I Got You” where the girls are seen enjoying a vacation and making memories with each other, whilst surviving challenges like a storm. Like the lyrics of “I Got You,” “One Spark’s” have enough naughtiness to make the song perfect for lovers as well.

For this record, Jihyo solely credits the inspiration as coming from “us and ONCE.”

“I think the hard part about growing into our late twenties is that the more we mature and meet fans as TWICE, there are so many things that we’ve presented them,” Jihyo told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “The hard part is to come up with new and fresh things as artists.”

She added: “The good thing is as the years go by, our teamwork becomes more solid and we get to know each other even better as the years go by. We have less conflicts and the relationship is way more smooth now.”

With each new record, TWICE further finds their voice and style, and unites it with the expertise they’ve spent years gathering as one of the top K-pop acts out there.