TWICE – I Got You

There’s a reason why “I Got You” – released on February 2nd – was chosen to be Billboard’s favorite music of the week. In fact, it won this title by bringing in 84% of the vote, beating out new music from the likes of Keith Urban (“Straight Line”), Billy Joel (“Turn the Lights Back On”), Usher featuring Pheelz (“Ruin”), Don Toliver (“Bandit”), all of which are powerhouses in their own rights.

To put it as plainly as I feel, K-pop is starting to pervade our natural existence and TWICE finds themselves among the top players of the genre. Of course, they did not get there by magic, having been quite prolific in releasing music since their debut – “I Got You” is effectively the latest track teasing their 13th mini-album. The nine-member group may not have a lot of purely English tracks, but when they do, it always makes a splash.

In the song, we see the girls treading off on each other’s vocal strengths as they power through the song that speaks on friendship but might easily be mistaken for a love track if you weren’t paying too much attention.

With a tempo of 175 beats, the song’s new wave synth-pop production gives it a bubbly energy and while it’s nothing like the song you’d hear at a club on any normal night, it’s danceable.

No matter what, you got me, I got you / We’ll make it through, just like we always do,” the girls sing of the unwavering support they have for each other, as they continue to dominate the music industry with their thrilling hits. “No we’ll never fall apart / Even million miles apart / We were lightning from the start.” 

In the music video, this unity is harped on repeatedly, as we see the girls cuddling, dancing together, making promises with pinkie swears, and going on a vacation together.

At the moment, there’s a lot of “I Got Yous” to go around, what with the lo-fi, garage, hyper, instrumental, and sped-up versions of the song. Let’s not forget the remix featuring Lauv, released just three days after the original.

Sharing about the collaboration, Lauv, who had himself dabbled in K-pop with the help of K-pop idol U-KISS’s Kevin Woo, called it a blessing to get to work with TWICE.

“I Got You” joins 2021’s “The Feels” and 2023’s “Moonlight Sunrise” as their fully English releases, with the latter two tracks debuting on Billboard Hot 100 at no. 83 and no. 84 respectively.