The Driver Era – Get Off My Phone

Having had an impressive last two years, The Driver Era are shaping up for a third in 2024. Following the release of their widely praised third record in 2022, Summer Mixtape, the American duo embarked on a massive sold-out world tour, earned over a million streams on their previous single, and performed sets at internationally renowned festivals such as Mad Cool Festival in Spain and Lollapalooza in Paris. Today, the alt-rock set of brothers – consisting of Ross and Rocky Lynch – have returned four months after their previous single, “Rumors,” with “Get Off My Phone” which finds them enhancing their already unique blend.

From the groovy verses of “Preacher Man” to the ’70s vibe of “Malibu,” The Driver Era have worn their influences on their sleeves; there’s no denying that their sound has been influenced by acts like Queen, Bruce Springsteen, and Prince if they were to take on a more modern twist musically. The modern-day breakup anthem, which is filled with punchy guitars that perfectly match the feeling of being suddenly washed over with anger, tells the story of social media getting in the way of healing. “Get off my phone, leave me alone,” Ross lashes out in response to the guitar strums. “Don’t wanna think of all the ways that we went wrong,” he croons. “I can’t resist, what hell is this? / On, it goes on, I need to forget,” he continues to sing, slowing down his pace. “Get you off my phone, get off my phone / Need to get off my phone, get off my phone.

The new release finds the duo incorporating their unique talent for storytelling and emotional depth, both of which expose a more vulnerable side to the American brothers. “Time’s change, life’s complicated, people come and go,” Ross says on the Zach Sang Show. “That’s the nature of life,” he adds. “This next song that everyone wants us to put out… it’s a heartbreak song,” he says later on in the show referring to “Get Off My Phone”. “It’s close to my heart and my existence. It’s personal,” he rambles. “It takes me a second to be like yeah, okay, I’m willing to let the world hear this.”

Though, at the moment, there’s no evidence of “Get Off My Phone” leading to an album, the duo are quick to inform fans that music is always in the works. “We’re always making music,” Ross shares with Billboard at Spotify’s Best New Artist Party. “The goal is, definitely, to have as much as we can,” he adds. “We will see what happens,” he teases before wrapping up. I guess we’re going to have to wait and see what else The Driver Era have in store for the rest of their monumental year because, if this release is anything to go by, the American rockers are only just getting started.