SZA – Saturn

After the marvelous year she’s had with the success of SOS, it’s no wonder that SZA is back so soon with a new song titled “Saturn” and that fans are happier for it. Continuing with the moody, introspective, and often dark nature of SOS, the song is about how someone might not want the life they have and may have the struggling need to escape it.

If there’s another universe / Please make some noise (Noise) / Give me a sign (Sign) / This can’t be life,” she sings in the first verse, before going on to hint what that pain is and why it’s so important for her to change location: “If there’s a point to losing love / Repeating pain (Why?) / It’s all the same (Same) / I hate this place.

SZA’s songs are known for being moody, and this one hardly escapes it, with deeply depressing lines like “If there’s a point to being good / Then where’s my reward? / The good die young and poor.” Throughout the song, we’re made to feel the singer’s pain and why she continually seeks escape from the reality she knows. The R&B track has something of “Kill Bill” in it, with her voice helping to conjure the emotions that the song tactically conveys.

The single arrives on the heels of her Grammy performance that saw her sing a medley of two of her biggest hits: “Snooze” and “Kill Bill.” The performance was particularly praised for keeping to the theme of the songs and beautifully blending the songs’ message with her movement and that of the background dancers and performers. At one point during the performance, SZA gets to lift a man up with one hand and throw him away. The stage and lighting remarkably made the performance one for the books.

Whilst she was the most nominated artist that night, she didn’t end up taking home the most wins, as this honor went to Phoebe Bridgers. She and Bridgers won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their collaborative single “Ghost in the Machine.”

She also teased the coming of “Saturn” by releasing a snippet of it that night in a Mastercard advertisement, and since then, fans have been longingly expecting its arrival. SZA wrote the song with Scott Zhang, Solomonophonic, Rob Bisel, and Carter Lang, with the latter three producing the track. Right now, fans already suspect that the new single will feature in an upcoming deluxe version of SOS.