Sia & Kylie Minogue – Dance Alone 

We’re not fully out of the grips of Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers,” and already, Sia and Kylie Minogue are signing us up for another self-love anthem — “Dance Alone.” Not to sound like a broken drum, but I dare say we need more self-love anthems than we often get them.

This new self-love anthem sees two of our favorite female artists team up to bring us a single as unpredictable as “Chandelier” and fearlessly EDM-leaning as “Padam Padam.”

This time, we may not be swinging from a chandelier or holding on to dear life, while we gulp down more bottles of alcohol that is, but we’ll certainly be dancing the hours away until we start to realize how freeing dancing alone can be.

Late night, you and I / Post-fight, it’s my life / Let’s roll, there’s the door / I’m all for 4/4,” Sia sings in the opening verse of the slick club-ready single. In the pre-chorus, Sia reaffirms her power as an individual singing, “I watch you walk away, it’s just another day / Don’t need you to stay, oh / I am not afraid, I know I’ll be okay / There’s nothin’ you can say, oh.”

The song is essentially about being free of the fear that comes with loneliness or rejection. Instead of sulking about a person who no longer wants to be with them, the ladies take it to the dance floor, enjoying the time of their lives. “Won’t stop, can’t stop / No clock, another shot / Happy, so free / Look at mе, finally,” Minogue sings in the second verse.

Per the single’s press release, “Dance Alone” teases a new era for Sia, who announced the coming of her 10th studio album Reasonable Woman on Wednesday, February 7. Both Australian artists, “Dance Alone” is not the first time that Minogue and Sia have blended their talents for a bubbling single. Sia is credited as a writer on Minogue’s single “Sexercize,” which appears on her 2014 album Kiss Me Once.

“There are so many incredible friends who helped give their all to make the album what it is, can’t wait for you to hear it,” Sia wrote on social media today to announce the project.

When Sia says “incredible friends,” she means it. The upcoming album contains collaborations with Chaka Khan, Labrinth, Paris Hilton, and more. Other contributors to the record include Rosalía, Greg Kurstin, and Benny Blanco.

Due for a release on May 3, Reasonable Woman will be her first solo full-length album in eight years.