Sasha Alex Sloan – Highlights

Sasha Alex Sloan will forever be the Queen of relatable songs. On her latest single, “Highlights,” the star remembers having a lover who only showed up for her when it would only score him some points. However, she’s reminiscing as a grown-up thinking back to her younger years rather than as a recently scorned or heartbroken lover. So there’s no anger, just a little remorse, a touch of regret, and some curiosity as to whether the lover would wish they knew the person she turned out to be.

Where were you when I was broken? / When I was learnin’ not everybody’s nice / Where were you when I was empty? / When I had no one else to turn to for advice,” she sings in the mid-tempo track, going on to declare that she’s no longer angry at what the person did. In fact, her most prominent emotion remains confusion, because “who does that to a kid?”

This song is about someone not being there when it matters, like being there for the birthday party but ignoring being there when that person is going through some tough times.

Sloan, who wrote the song with frequent collaborator Jimmy Robins, shared the inspiration behind it via a press release, saying, “Jimmy started playing this guitar riff and I was like, ‘Do you have time to write another one because I really love that…’ Luckily, he did and ‘Highlights’ poured out. This is a song I’ve been trying to write for a long time. Writing it was a cathartic experience and it makes me emotional every time I listen to it.”

Sloan is celebrated for her emotionally rich songwriting, which shines through in “Highlights. From the moment Sloan started releasing music, she’s been known for penning deeply touching lyrics, starting from her debut album Only Child. Released in 2020, the record was lauded as an outspoken body of work, as it set the stage for the American songwriter to show the world what her sound and message is all about.

In 2022, she released her second studio album I Blame The World. At the time, she explained how different I Blame The World was from her debut effort. “I would say Only Child was a collection of songs I really liked but there wasn’t a cohesive theme. With I Blame The World, I made a conscious effort to create a world in which all the songs made sense together,” she told Billboard.

In March 2023, she announced that she was splitting with her major label RCA Records, and carrying on as an independent artist. This means that every new music we get from her is 100% coming from her heart.