Maya Hawke – Missing Out

Actress and singer-songwriter Maya Hawke is ready to welcome a new era with “Missing Out,” the first single off of Hawke’s upcoming third album, Chaos Angel, which is set to drop on May 31 under Mom + Pop.

In a feeling known by many all too well,  it’s a sentimental track written about a semester the vocalist spent living near her brother’s college campus and having the time of his life with his classmates. This is an overdue attempt at the college years she never had.

The song kicks off reflecting on a girl that went to Brown where her brother went to college saying how she wanted to write the next great American novel. “Lucy wants to write the next Great American novel /  She can’t even read the bottle /  She says I might be a genius / Well, she could be a model.” 

She then continues: “Didn’t think I’d get in / So I didn’t apply / Now I’m a drunk hanger on / Hitting on the younger guy / I buy booze for the Ivy League / With my television salary / They think they look up to me.”

The chorus then hits and finds her singing about how she’s missing out on all these things. The next set of lyrics includes: “Embarrassed all the time / I remember my potential / Before I skipped the fundamentals / Before I ran from safety / Hopin’ someone would chase me.” 

It’s easy to get in your head and feel that you’re behind your peers. It’s also easy to feel like you’re missing out no matter what the circumstances. You aren’t alone in those thoughts.  You have to remember that everyone moves at their own pace and everyone’s journeys are different.

The sci-fi-influenced music video was directed by Alex Ross Perry.

In a statement from a press release, Hawke said, “There was actually a girl who went to Brown, where my brother goes to college, and we were all going around saying what our wish was for ourselves. She said, I want to write the next great American novel. It was the moment where I felt older than everyone because I laughed so hard. I was like,“You are so far down the wrong track!” Wish to write a novel. That would be a miracle. Don’t wish to write the next great American novel. that’s a nightmare! It made me feel I actually am a different place in my life than these people I was around. It totally inspired this whole song.”

The most beautiful thing about Hawke’s music is her brutally, honest songwriting that takes listeners on a journey. She makes you feel less alone in a life that can be so complicated and messy at times.