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Knox – Me, Myself & Your Eyes

The pop-punker continues his hot streak with post-tour release

Mere weeks after the conclusion of the east coast leg of his sold-out I’m So Good At Being Alone Tour, Nashville-based pop-punk singer Knox has unveiled his latest single, “Me, Myself & Your Eyes.” Even as his breakout hit “Not The 1975” continues to gain momentum, currently sitting at No. 26 on Top 40 and No. 23 on Hot AC Radio, he has continued his steady stream of releases. “Me, Myself & Your Eyes” follows the celebratory “Here’s To Us,” which came out mid-January.

Knox, with support from maryjo, will embark on a second leg of the I’m So Good… Tour in April, this time taking over the west coast.

“Me, Myself…” is an intriguing parallel between both of Knox’s EPs. The verses are closer to that of 2022’s How To Lose A Girl In 7 Songs, focusing on building via acoustic guitar, while the chorus matches the instant accessibility of I’m So Good At Being Alone? with its title track and “Man Down.” Sound-wise, he is staying well within the framework of what is working right now. It is a pure pop-centric bombast, using gang vocals and hard-hitting guitar and drum lines bold enough to demand the listeners’ attention.

There is also, potentially, a lyrical pattern between this track and “Not The 1975.” In “Not The 1975,” he tries to woo the girl at the club but is ultimately politely rejected, despite his smooth comeback of, “I said, ‘Girl, I might not be famous yet but I’m gonna put you in a song that I write.’” In “Me, Myself…,” he’s out and about with his girl, one he is comfortable with and committed to, but the music isn’t hitting this time. The vibe isn’t there: “I don’t like these songs / This bartender’s kind of weird / Girl, we’ve been here too long / So, we should get up outta here.”

Did the 1975 girl give him a shot? Did he move on to someone new? Either is plausible, but the idea of both songs referencing the same girl makes for some solid storytelling material for an album. Regardless of whether the subject is new or old, she is clearly the apple of his eye at this moment: “We don’t want anybody else here but us (anybody but us) / I don’t need too much tonight / Just me, myself & your eyes.” 

With UMG’s recent decision to pull its music from TikTok, artists like Knox must continue to push forward with new releases quicker than ever before. It is yet another hurdle for developing artists to navigate, but Knox seems to be up for that challenge.

Following the simplicity of recent visualizers for “Not The 1975” and “Here’s To Us,” Knox’s lyric video for “Me, Myself…” is equal parts goofy and endearing. Watch it here:

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