Kacey Musgraves – Deeper Well 

Kacey Musgraves’ “Deeper Well” is one of those songs that cover an entire lifetime in a few words. “Deeper Well” is Musgraves in her truest form: relatable, vulnerable, sad, happy, and peaceful all at once. Perhaps I’m at that point in my life when songs like this become a soothing balm to my soul, and I’m glad for this latest single, I know fans all around the world would be as happy as I am to have this latest offering.

My Saturn has returned / When I turned twenty-seven / Everything started to change,” she sings in the first verse, telling us about her journey to reach the stage in her life when she’s finally outgrown drama and toxicity. As she later sings, “I’ve gotten older now, I know how to take care of myself / I found a deeper well.”

The song explores what it’s like to finally leave someone who’s been disrupting your energy and bringing chaos into your life – “It’s natural when things lose their shine / So other things can glow.” If there is such a thing as a person masterfully crafting the perfect song, I believe Musgraves just did with the lead single of her upcoming studio album of the same name.

Musgraves has been moving away from being purely country with her recent releases, and this one is no different, with pop elements blended in with the country production. To find “the best mojo” for the songs on the album, she chose to record at Electric Lady Studios in New York – a place she feels presents a “different environmental energy.”

Speaking on the inspiration and message behind the song, she said: “Sometimes you reach a crossroads. Winds change direction. What you once felt drawn to doesn’t hold the same allure. You get blown off course but eventually find your footing and forage for new inspiration, new insight, and deeper love somewhere else.”

The accompanying music video included a lot of elements that complemented the song perfectly, as we see Musgraves living at a farm by the hillside. She does mundane things, but in a way that makes you wish you were right there with her. At the end she touches a ball of light and her entire body lights up, pointing to how finding peace is the best blessing.

On March 15, Deeper Well will drop with 14 tracks, including the titles “Lonely Millionaire” and “Too Good To Be True.” Judging from the title track, I’d say the upcoming album is here to be the calm that comes after the storm.