Jennifer Lopez – This Is Me…Now

On album title track “This Is Me…Now,” Jennifer Lopez is here to remind us of the power of love, regardless of the years that may stand between the first meeting of two lovers and the one they get right. The “I’m Real” singer has always been a romantic at heart, and what better way to show it than with her This Is Me…Now era that delves deep into the many arms of love; its fears, its joys, its insecurities, its strength, and so on and so on.

I watched my mother miss out on her life / All those could-have-beens became her sacrifice / But here in the darkness, it’s not the future nor the past,” she sings in the first verse, her beautiful voice doing its best to bring us into love’s sweet embrace – at least that’s how it made me feel. If there’s one singer-songwriter and performer I feel doesn’t get enough flowers as she deserves, it’s Jennifer Lopez. She understands love in a way many other performers don’t.

Perhaps the most powerful line in the song is when she sings, “You met me halfway” – for what is love if it isn’t taking the smooth with the rough? If love was easy, it wouldn’t conquer all things now, would it?

In a “Que Sera Sera” sort of way, Lopez reminisces about her childhood in the second verse, singing, “When I was a girl they’d ask me what I’d be (What you gon’ be?) / A woman in love is what I grew up wantin’ to be (In love’s what I wanted to be).” It’s not hard to see that Lopez is unapologetically embracing her desire to love and be loved, even if some may think it takes away her independence.

“This Is Me…Now” is the title track from Lopez’s upcoming ninth studio album due to be released on February 16. Apart from being Lopez’s first album in ten years – her last was 2014’s A.K.A. – it also acts as a sequel to Lopez’s 2002 album, This Is Me…Then. The one constant between both eras is the presence of Ben Affleck in Lopez’s life, and that is where she derives the theme for this new record.

The album will be accompanied by an Amazon Prime-exclusive narrative-driven musical film titled This Is Me…Now: A Love Story, featuring music from the album, Lopez’s reunion with Affleck and scenes inspired by Lopez’s life.

On the February 3, 2024, episode of Saturday Night Live, Lopez performed alongside rappers Latto and Redman, as well as the debut live performance of the album’s title track.