Jax Jones & Zoe Wees – Never Be Lonely

Jax Jones and Zoe Wees‘ eclectic new single “Never Be Lonely” comes complete with beautiful energy, and I’m not only talking about the golden spark Pikachu released after enjoying the song for a while. “Never Be Lonely” is about finding that person that is willing to put up with the good, the bad and the ugly situations that life brings to be by your side. It’s a cheerful song about how finding a true friend or lover can erase the feeling of loneliness from your life.

Tell me how it feels to know you’ll never be lonely again / You spend the rest of your life / Knowing you, you / Will never be lonely again and again and again,” Wees sings in the chorus-first song, asking how anyone would react if they found someone who would stick with them for all of time, so they’re never again lonely. “With my hands in the air, I’ll make enough / To always stay by your side (Oh-oh) / I will be there on your darkest night / I’m here to the day that I die / So tell me how it feels.”

Speaking on working with the “Control” songstress, Jax Jones said: “This collaboration with Zoe Wees and Pikachu represents a dream come true for me. ‘Never Be Lonely’ is a sonic journey into the heart of music and friendship, and it’s a privilege to have Pikachu join us on this adventure.”

Working on the song with Jones was also a thrilling experience for the German sensation, as she says of the collab: “Working with Jax Jones was an absolute joy. ‘Never Be Lonely’ is a testament to the power “of unity through music, and I’m thrilled to be part of this magical experience.”

The accompanying music video sees Wees and Jones performing at a concert in front of thousands of fans. Pikachu then wakes up in the forest and somehow finds his way to the concert, where he gives Jones a fist bump. He is soon caught up in the song’s positive energy and starts dancing. At length, he gives off his famous golden spark and floats the concert arena to space.

Prior to the release of the Euro-dance-inspired single, Jones teased it with fans across his socials, hinting at the appearance of a special Pokemon character. The single samples “Rhythm Is a Dancer” by Snap!

This year is going to see the British DJ-producer work with a great many talented artists, including Gary Barlow, Kylie Minogue, and Calum Scott, on new songs.