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Jason Derulo & David Guetta – Down

Jason Derulo has just released a collection of his songs from the last couple of years, and they’re perfectly great for getting down on the dance floor, including his latest collaboration with David Guetta, “Down.”

The last time Derulo worked with Guetta, we got the ultra-catchy dance-worthy track “Saturday/Sunday,” so you can guess this one will hardly be any different. Hint: fans are already convinced that they’ve found their newest track to go “down” and up on the dance floor with.

The song sees Derulo sing about the duality of “good” and “bad” in regards to having a good time on the dance floor. While the “good gyal” wants to go home early, the “bad gyal” wants to go “down, down, down,” and Derulo finds himself unable to choose between the two character types.

What happen at the club stay at the club / We ain’t gotta tell nobody / Baddie in the streets, freak in the sheets / I need both, I’m sorry,” he sings in the opening verse, going on to describe the “both” he’s singing about; “Bad gyal go on vacation / Good gyal go stay in town / She’s going straight to Heaven / Bad gyal go down, down.”

By the time the third verse rolls in, he’s no longer pondering about what kind of lady he wants to hit the dance floor with, but concentrating on living his life as carelessly happy as it can get. “Monday, margaritas (Pour up) / Tuesday, rolling up / Wednesday, you a freak / Thursday, you in love / Friday, slow grind / Saturday, shake your ass / Sunday, press rewind / And do it all again, oh.”

Though fans were mostly delighted with the new track, some believed that it heavily sampled the 1999 electronic dance track “Get Get Down” by Phil Johnson, even though the track’s credits didn’t mention it.

Speaking on the 27-song project via a press release, the multi-platinum singer-songwriter said, “Nu King is the culmination of my career so far. It’s been nine years since my last full-length, and a lot has happened. I never stopped making music though. A lot of those songs didn’t have a proper home, so I made a place for them. The newer songs are just a piece of my life at the moment. Combining everything, the entire album has a cinematic feel. For the title, King is my son’s name. You can go further, and this is a crowning moment I’m really proud of. 2023 was a preparation year; 2024 is a year of celebrating all of the hard work I’ve put in and what I’ve built.”

Derulo is set to embark on the “Nu King World Tour,” beginning on February 22, with dates in Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and many other countries.