Gryffin – LAST OF US (feat. Rita Ora)

Gryffin is kicking off the year with an anthemic dance song, “LAST OF US,” that reflects his style and sound as a rising electronic music powerhouse. For this release, he’s opted to recruit British singer-songwriter Rita Ora, who is no stranger to the world of electronic dance music. What we got from the collab is a love song that’s as thrilling to the body as it is to the heart.

Cause you’re all I’m living for / Even if love is war / come on take your best shot / baby it’s not the last of us,” Ora’s impressive vocals carry her true through the song’s feel-good messages about love, and while this feels like a pre-Valentine song, it totally still works for any season.

To complement the song’s fiery promises – “For your love / I would kill I would die / Even if we run out of time” – Gryffin employed the use of bright, euphoric synthwork and pulsating basslines. Shortly after the release of the song, a dynamic music video featuring Ora and Gryffin followed.

“LAST OF US” is said to set the tone for Gryffin’s upcoming album, PULSE, which will see the producer delve deep into the progressive sounds of his 2000s roots, whilst flavoring it with the uplifting energy that first sparked his love of dance music.

Coming later this year, the album reportedly embraces the unity and emotional connectivity that is universal no matter the dance floor.

Speaking on the song and how it sets the stage for the album, Gryffin said, “‘LAST OF US’ marks the beginning of a brand new era of music for me, and I couldn’t be more excited. ‘LAST OF US’ gets back to the feelings and emotions I got when I first fell in love with dance music. I wanted this to have a euphoric, anthemic feel to it, but also be very emotional at the same time. Rita Ora completely elevated the song to another level once she brought her vocals into the track, and I’m so happy with how this turned out. Hope you enjoy the track as much as Rita and I had making it.”

Ora was also happy to work on the emotive single, as she freely expressed via a press release, “Working on this song with Gryffin has been such a dream!! We both have a shared love of EDM and dance music, and I’m so grateful he asked me to sing on this banger of a track. Get ready to dance!”