Photo: Robby Klein

Gabby Barrett – Dance Like No One’s Watching

Gabby Barrett’s new song, “Dance Like No One’s Watching,” is going to put you in your feels, for all those out there who treasure their sweet moments with their dads and for the dads who are longing for more sweet memories with their girls.

Told from the girl’s perspective, “Dance Like No One’s Watching” tells us the story of a girl who grows up believing in her father’s advice that she should dance like no one’s watching, no matter how far or near home she is, and no matter how great or low life gets.

At the end of the day, after sharing these wonderful memories with her father, heading off to college, and coming back, she finally gets to that stage in her life that her parents dread: marriage. As she dances with her dad at the wedding reception and it looks like he is about to run away with his emotions, she repeats his advice back to him and sings, “Dance like no one’s watchin’ whatever you do / And if life gives you love, fall in, but always be you / Oh, ’cause, girl, it’s a big world, and it’s so easy to get lost in / So, dance like no one’s watchin’.”

Fellow country musician Luke Combs penned the song with Emily Weisband and James McNair when his wife was still pregnant with their first child. Since he didn’t know whether she was giving birth to a boy or a girl, Combs decided to give the song to Barrett, who already has a young daughter.

“I was sitting in the bathtub one day. I heard my phone ding, and he [Combs] had texted me, and explained that this song was written with a couple of friends,” Barrett told Entertainment Tonight of the song’s origins and how she came to sing it. “It wasn’t gonna work for him because he didn’t know if his child — his wife was still pregnant at the time, with their first baby, and they didn’t know if it was a girl or a boy. Come to find out it was a boy — this song was written more for a girl.”

“He knows that I have a daughter. So, it really resonated with me, and it fits perfectly,” she adds.

“Dance Like No One’s Watching” appears on her 14-track sophomore album, Chapter & Verse, which arrived on February 2nd. It is one of the few offerings on the project that Barrett wasn’t credited as a writer.