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Elle Darlington – hiatus

Welsh-Chilean singer and songwriter Elle Darlington sings about letting go of situations that no longer serve her in her latest single “hiatus.” The track, written by Darlington, incorporates a pop and R&B sound that truly showcases Darlington’s vocal and songwriting versatility as an artist. 

In a press release around the latest single, Darlington explains that “‘hiatus’ is a song for anyone who has felt unappreciated in a relationship and had to learn to put themselves first and walk away. It’s super empowering and fun and is the perfect vibe to blow off some steam with your girls too!”

In the song, Darlington sings about her frustrations with a significant other, expressing her need for space from them. Rather than just staying home and wallowing over her relationship, she sings: “No, I won’t stay home / I’ma let your bed get cold / Put this shit on hold / Gotta let you go, I get up and go.” In the chorus, she expresses her need for a vacation from the relationship: “I don’t wanna hate us / I’m done, so I’m calling a hiatus.” Valuing her own peace of mind, the song is a powerful reminder that it’s okay to be the one to walk away or take a break when you feel like a situation no longer serves you. 

The accompanying music video, directed by Jay Oliver Green, shows Darlington getting over her breakup at home. The video opens with a text bubble that says” POV: you just ended that toxic situationship” before showing that person sending a slew of missed calls and messages from her ex. Darlington ignores them and chooses self-care instead. The video shows texts from her group chat, laughing at the fact that her ex continues to blow up her phone and she continues to ignore them. Later, she receives a text from her friends saying that they got her something. She pulls out a cake that says “It’s not you, it’s him,” which she proceeds to eat and destroy. The video ends with her ready to head out for her planned girl’s night.  

The song is the third single following her previous Christmas track ““christmas is you” and her debut single “wish you would.” Her first single, “wish you would,” similarly channels the same energy of the “hiatus” music video, which depicts a fun day-turned-night out in London’s party district. 

Darlington’s single “hiatus” is now available across all streaming platforms.