Cate – Rocket Science

Whether you know Cate’s name from her infectious pop-laced tracks or by partially being the subject in Maisie Peters’ “Cate’s Brother,” there’s no denying her musical charm. Her use of catchy pop melodies and anecdotal country lyricism strike a balance reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s earlier works and her clever pop-culture references, nodding to British locales, add a freshness to the genre. 

Hailing from Vancouver but now based in London, the singer-songwriter has evoked relatable, and nostalgic, feelings within her discography, and her latest track, “Rocket Science,” further highlights that. Fuelled with playful yet painful lyricism detailing ignorance, gaslighting behavior, and casual infidelity, the use of the slide guitars allows Canning to be heard loud and clear as she lays her experiences bare. “Yeah, you know the thing that I hate is that a stupid mistake can sometimes hurt the most,” she sings. “Baby, you were runnin’ around with everyone from this town. Did you think I didn’t know?

Written and produced with Henrik Michelsen, the soft instrumentation creates an ethereal, Miley Stewart-esque soundscape, allowing the lyrics to speak for themselves as the former doesn’t demand a lot of attention. “I had the line “loving me isn’t rocket science” on my phone for a while,” Cate says in a press release. “I’ve been in relationships in the past where sometimes things that would normally be common sense on what not to do in a relationship are done, and there’s this angry resentment that comes with it,” she adds. “I’m calling it my soft launch back into doing more country-pop music.”

The new release also comes with a bonus track in which Cate continues to channel everyone’s childhood hero, Hannah Montana. Speaking about “You Don’t Love Me,” Cate proclaims: “I wrote this song about knowing someone has fallen out of love with you before they even know it themselves… We wrote about the small things that happen before a breakup and how devastating it is that the person you’re with isn’t doing the things they used to.”

Not only does “Rocket Science” kickstart a great year for Cate, but it also indicates that her debut album is on the way. “Another year with the best friends and the best job ever,” she writes in an Instagram post. “2024 CC album 1?” she questions; if these new tracks are anything to go by, we all may as well whip out our cowgirl hats and move to the countryside now because we’re beyond ready for a Cate – well, Miley Stewart-inspired – summer!