Carpark – Happy on Mars

Anticipation awaits for the release of Carpark’s upcoming EP, Born To Be Average, set for release on February 16th. With each release, Hattie (Guitar), Loda (Drums) and Scottie (Vocals and and Bass) have been strong at providing fans with a dreamy and atmospheric soundscape through their music. The new release and the final release before the EP is poised to be no exception if the latest track, “Happy on Mars” is anything to go by. The excitement grows as the release date approaches, leaving fans excited for the band’s next chapter as they continue to extend their musical journey. 

A captivating fusion of nostalgia as they draw inspiration from the 90s alternative scene, Carpark bring that effortless blend of a dreamy aesthetic with contemporary elements. The distinctive sound of Scottie’s soft vocals adds a delicate narrative that complements the overall atmosphere. Hattie’s guitar playing serves as a sonic guide as she paints a path around Scottie’s dreamlike vocals. Load’s drumming provides the heartbeat of the song, bringing a sense of momentum to the cosmic landscape. “Happy on Mars” contributed significantly to the song’s overall celestial aura. The vocals on the tracks add a layer of emotional depth and vulnerability to the track.

While still sticking to their unique sound, the new track, along with the previous releases from Born To Be Average, introduces a new era for the band. From ballads to heavy rock and dance elements, there are a range of influences that inspired the band for this record. They continue to push boundaries and the fusion of genres, as they continue to showcase their innovation within the alternative scene. With each release, Carpark can incorporate the nostalgic charm of a coming-of-age soundtrack, creating a reflective experience for the listeners. Their music becomes a canvas for listeners to think back to their own memories, thoughts and dreams, while also capturing the essence of experiences many people go through. Their ability to capture the emotional highs and lows of life provides the relatability factor in their music. 

Carpark’s overall sound is a captivating blend of dreamy atmospheres and ethereal melodies. It is also a testament to their musical versatility. As fans await the next chapter in Carpark’s musical journey, the promise of new sonic explorations and the potential for the band to try something new and for the fans to hear something new is exciting. In a scene that focuses on authenticity and creativity, Carpark show they are making their own path in creating music that feels true to themselves within this ever-changing industry.