Ayra Starr – Commas

The Queen of positivity Ayra Starr is back with a hot new single, “Commas,” and it’s got all the best parts of any advice anyone can give themselves to live a fruitful and stress-free life. Starr has always been big on sharing confidence-boosting and feel-good songs, and this song is no different as she sings about steadily progressing in everything she values in life, from her career to her net worth and so forth.

Na which kind life wey I never see? / I carry God, so I fear nothing / Steady increasing the commas,” she sings over a catchy Afro-pop beat. The empowering lyrics work well with the dance-worthy tune, making it easy for listeners to get lost in it. Throughout the track, she drops in local words here and there, making it more interesting.

In the song, Starr talks about “livin’ life” and traveling to all sorts of scenic places like “Barbados and Havana” – yes, the girl has taste – and why she’s able to live so freely by checking and balancing “everything inside my mind daily.” The Nigerian hitmaker also has no time for people who cause her any confusion, as she boldly proclaims, “Energy wrong, I log off.”

Apart from offering the beautiful advice to cut toxic people off, she also promises that dreams come true if you have the heart to fight the fight and never “tire.” “Dreams come true, if na fight / Fight the fight, make you no go tire,” she promises – perhaps she knows, as someone who is now living her dreams.

Writing on the song’s official press release, the singer says, “To those who have ever turned me down, it is, among other things, a love letter. People need to hear this and take heart in the fact that they can succeed at everything they set their minds to.”

The song is like an ode to her journey as a singer-songwriter and coming into her own as a rising global sensation. While there isn’t any music video to accompany “Commas,” – her first song of the year – she did release a minimally produced lyric video that sees her wearing a pastel pink outfit.

“Since I recorded ‘Commas’, I’ve listened to it every day because of how it makes me feel. Amongst other things, it’s my love letter to people that have rejected me at any point. People should listen and feel confident by knowing that they can increase the commas in anything they do in life,” she further adds.

Starr penned the track with Prince Omoferi and producers London and BigRagee.