Photo: Mathew Guido

Aqyila – Bloom

Aqyila drops highly anticipated new single, “Bloom”

Emerging R&B artist Aqyila channels blissful love on the latest release, “Bloom.” Through hopelessly romantic lyrics and delicate harmonies, the track is an ode to that special someone. The singer has garnered a consistent buzz after teasing a snippet of the single on TikTok, accumulating over 18 million views and thousands of creates.

“Bloom” has a soft yet upbeat melody with subtle drums and snares. The songstress’ vocals are smooth and calculated, gliding over the beat with ease. Each verse connects to the next with vocalized inflections. The lyrics describe the pure happiness of being in love. She sings, “What is it you see in me? Tell me why do you believe in me? Would you keep your schedule free for me? I love it here you’re pleasing me.”

Aqyila describes the track, “It’s a love song that reminds you why you love the person that you’re with, why they’re your safe space on your hardest days.” Her voice is soft and graceful adding a soothing femininity to the chorus. She wears her heart on her sleeve with a refreshing candor, confident in the love she describes. The track transports the listener into a romance novel, appreciating a patient and fulfilling relationship. The lyrics do not speak to a glamourized lust, but rather a sustainable healing companionship. “Bloom” is the soundtrack to true love and infatuation.

Following the release of her debut EP For The Better, she has perfected the art of emotional storytelling. With each song she puts her heart on display, resonating with listeners. Her style is soulful yet mellow with a twinge of pop. She carries her notes with an elegant calmness, creating a palpable tenderness.

Earning two nominations at the 2024 JUNO Awards, the artist is making a name for herself in R&B. Combining a viral social media presence and her ability to express emotion through relatable lyrics sets her apart from the competition. A loyal follower comments, “Your songs give me goosebumps.” Her art is both infectious and engaging making her worthy of a devout fanbase. Aqyila has perfected the contemporary R&B sound and is an artist worthy of superstardom.