After stealing the spotlight for years as a member of NCT, WayV, and SuperM, TEN has finally made his official solo debut. The Thai singer is no stranger to solo music with a number of singles through various SM Entertainment projects. In a way, this combined with his well-known work in K-pop and C-pop groups makes his new self-titled EP feel less like a debut and more like an overdue “Of course,” because it’s everything fans would expect of TEN.

Released on February 13, TEN consists of six tracks: “Nightwalker,” “Water,” “Dangerous,” “ON TEN,” “Shadow,” and “Lie With You.” All six songs are sung in English, expanding the singer’s reach to international listeners. The album’s opener “Nightwalker,” of the dance-pop genre, starts the EP on a high note and showcases exactly what makes TEN a star.

“Nightwalker” is an alluring tale, and as TEN sings of being drawn to something irresistible, he captivates listeners in the same way. His falsetto in the song’s pre-chorus as he sings, “Holy story / Rising from the shallow / Gonna face against the Devil / Higher fire / Look into the cold blue eyes,” is nothing short of spectacular.

Luckily, “Nightwalker,” also has a music video, and the song’s strong beat pairs well with TEN’s fluid and enchanting dance moves. In the music video, the singer is seen working in a lab with an unsettling vibe. When it reaches midnight in the lab, Ten transforms into a monster with the ability to hypnotize others.

“Water,” the EP’s second track, is Latin pop and echoes the allure of “Nightcrawler” as the singer is drawn to someone and compares their appeal to the necessity of water. The EP’s third song, “Dangerous,” switches the tone up a bit. It has a groovy production thanks to a steady synth beat and repetitive guitar notes, and TEN warns a woman not to fall in love with him.

Baby, I never thought that / You’d fall in love with me / Now, I hear you, I go and, and say (Oh)/ You just wanna waste my time/ You just wanna test my patience / But you could never take my pride/ Oh, now you know that I’m just dangerous / Girl, it’s dangerous / So, so, so dangerous,” he sings in “Dangerous.”

The latter half of TEN begins with “ON TEN,” an upbeat hip-hop track with a motivational and confident message as TEN celebrates himself and his friend group. The heart of TEN lies in the EP’s second-to-last track, “Shadow.” In the song, TEN finds himself haunted by someone from his past and weighed down by the constant reminder of this former heartbreak.

Rounding out the album is “Lie With You,” an intimate pop song. While the tone of the song is romantic, the love song’s lyrics bring a bit of sadness as TEN muses that the relationship probably will not last. Even though he knows this person won’t be in his life forever, he savors every moment.

With only six songs, TEN manages to explore multiple genres without the EP feeling disorganized, which is no easy feat. There are no skips, and listeners will be hard-pressed to pick a favorite song from the tracklist. While TEN was already known as a unique performer who can’t help but stand out in a crowd, his self-titled debut captures who he is as a soloist, an alluring star with the power to draw people in.