P1Harmony – Killin’ It


P1Harmony’s first full-length album, Killin’ It, finds the group vying for dominance, whilst refining their signature sound in a way that significantly expands their playing field. After three years and six mini-albums, P1Harmony is ready to move into their next era, and it sees the boys functioning more autonomously than before. For one, they all contributed their writing expertise to pen the ten songs featured on the LP –Jongseob more so than the others.

With “Killin’ It,” the boy band kicks off the record by talking about their accomplishments in a way that boosts listeners’ confidence – even if you’re not one to be hounded by the Paparazzi. “Everyone hands up to my rough flow flow / The media is crazy, Paparazzi hound me / Surprise, you’re lucky to have Found me,” they sing in the synth-driven track. We’ve been getting a lot of confidence-boosting songs from female K-pop artists lately, so it’s good to hear the guys sing about being “the boss” and “the man,” as they keep pushing themselves to reach new highs.

“Killin’ It” is driven by interesting multilingual lyrics, sandwiched between a catchy 808 base and a well-crafted rap flow that pays homage to a fusion of K-pop and 90s hip-hop.

Apart from the title track, another single that stands out in the record is “Late Night Calls,” with its sentimental and sophisticated energy. In the single, the group sings about receiving late-night calls from a special someone, whilst describing how these calls mean so much to them “on sleepless nights.” It soon becomes something they’re craving every night.

The third track “Everybody Clap” is the song that wants you to get up and shake something, what with its freestyle chanting accompanied by easy listening instrumentals. Apart from the song being danceable, the lyrics also advise you to do as the beat commands, as they sing, “Hands up high / Move your body / Left to right / Side to side.”

I really believe that the best lyrics for this album come from their fourth track, “Love Story.” “I also don’t want a cliché love,” they start off singing, telling their lover what it means to have them in their lives. From promises of loving them every day to wanting to give them their heart, “Love Story” tells us what it’s like to be so tightly entangled in love you dream it would never end.

Rounding out the album with the fan-dedicated track “I See You,” the boys thank their fanbase P1ece for getting them where they are. And by where they are, we mean sold-out US shows, 20+ million views for their viral single “Jump” in one night only!, and millions of streams across their catalog.

Since their debut, P1Harmony has captured the interests of fans, not only with their swinging bops but also with their creative music videos and their finely timed choreography. In fact, one of the things that sets them apart from other K-pop bands is their choreography, which sees them literally dancing in harmony amidst fast-changing environments.

As their first full-length album, Killin’ It does more than just showcase the multi-faceted nature of their artistry. As I previously said, it expanded their playing field, and we’ll surely be seeing how much as these songs continue to take over the radio.