Photo: Isobel Rae

Introducing: Chloe George

Meet Chloe George, she’s worked behind the scenes on some of your favorite hits from artists such as Dua Lipa, Normani, and BLACKPINK, among others.

As she follows up her massively viral cover track “Ghost Town,” she’s gearing up to release her new EP titled A Cheetah Hunting In Slow Motion under FADER. on March 1.

As a taste of the EP, she has released “Losing You” a smooth R&B track that finds George reminiscing about a lost love.

The singer-songwriter sat down with EUPHORIA. to chat about the EP, her musical beginnings, writing for many established artists, and much more.

Hi Chloe! Thank you for taking the time to chat. First, start us off with your musical journey. How did you decide this was it? That you wanted to make music your career?

Thank you for having me! I’ve been singing since I was little—for as long as I can remember it’s just brought me so much peace. I don’t know if I ever like decided to do music fully, I kinda just always felt like this was what I was gonna do with my life. But I think the end of high school/early college was when I started to grasp what a career in music would look like for me. That’s when I started songwriting and sharing more of my stuff online.

Do you remember how old you were when you wrote your first song? What was it called?

I think the first full song I wrote was called “Gabriel”—it was for a songwriting class in college and I was so anxious about writing anything at the time. I remember showing it to my teacher who said it was “a really good Christian rock song” which made me never wanna write again for a couple of months.

“Losing You” is your latest single. Can you delve into the creative process behind it? What influenced it?

Yes! I wrote it with Billy Lemos, we did this whole EP together, and “Losing You” was the first idea we fully fleshed out together. I wrote it about a relationship I was in at the time. It felt like no matter what I did, I couldn’t keep this person in my life even though that’s all I wanted. It’s hella sad lmao, I’m sorry it comes out on Valentine’s Day.

What was it like working on your EP A Cheetah Hunting In Slow Motion? What was your favorite track to work on? Did you run into any hurdles along the way?

It was a beautiful process. This was my first time working with one producer for the whole project, and it honestly came together supernaturally. I don’t think I realized I was making another project until we had most of the songs together already. We wrote it over the course of 8 ish months when I was going through a lot of shifting and discomfort in my life. These songs were just my documentation of that and a way to process it all, and I’m grateful to have a cohesive snapshot of such a transformative time. I don’t know about my favorite, but my most healing song to write on the project was “Somebody Else.” The session was exactly a week after a breakup, and it just flew out and helped me process a lot of what I was feeling at that time. Lots of crying.

You’ve written tracks for Normani, BLACKPINK, and Dua Lipa among others. What’s your favorite part about writing for other artists and who is someone who you’d love to work with? Whether it would be in the songwriting realm or collaborating vocally?

I think my favorite thing about writing for others is getting to tap into other sides of life that I may not be experiencing. My music is very much based on what’s happening in my life at that exact moment, so when I’m writing for other people I get to tap into a different bag of feelings and kinda escape my own bullshit for a sec. I think it’s such a gift to be able to help others articulate their feelings and I always learn more about life in the process. I would love to write with RAYE, Don Toliver, Adele, SZA, Summer Walker, and Travis Scott. For my own stuff? I’ve always thought it’d be cool to work with James Blake, Justin Vernon, Yebba, Sampha, Ryan Beatty, Dijon, Aminé, and Daniel Caesar. That’s a lot, but I think we’d make beautiful things together!

Can you please tell us a little about your creative/writing process?

All of my writing is driven by feelings I can’t articulate yet, but also can’t ignore. I have a lot of shit in my notes app that I just write down whenever it comes to mind and I’ll come back to it whenever the right chords come along, but at first, it’s just random lyrics or phrases that describe the exact moments I’ve been experiencing. I try to write everything down as soon as it comes to me so I don’t lose it and sometimes that gets annoying because I’ll be like about to fall asleep and then this verse is in my head and I have to get it out. I feel like writing is more channeling than anything else, so anytime I get a line or a melody in my head I try not to ignore it. I feel like I’m just the messenger for that feeling at that moment.

What musical artists do you draw your inspiration from?

The constants have always been Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Sufjan Stevens, Solange, SZA, Lauryn Hill, early Coldplay, and Sampha, but there are always new artists added to the mix! I also get a lot of inspiration from Motown and singer-songwriters from the 70s like Labi Siffre. 

What do you find most rewarding about pursuing a career in music? 

I think the most rewarding thing is always the same reason why I got into it in the first place. The feeling of creating something healing out of thin air is so insane. And to build a community and meet new people in that process is such a gift, I feel like a very lucky magician every day.

You’re hitting the road with Arlo Parks starting February 29! How excited are you? What can fans expect from your set?

I’M FUCKING STOKED!! I actually made a list of people I’d love to open for a year ago, and Arlo was on the top so this all feels so surreal—I’m super grateful she’s bringing me along. I think people can expect a lot of emotion and fun probably some bad jokes and me falling sometimes lol. I’m playing all of the new music for the first time, so I think it’s gonna be beautiful!

How will you be celebrating the release of the EP when it comes out in March?

I’ll be on tour and I’m so fucking excited!! It comes out the day before we play the Wiltern in LA I’m gonna probably celebrate by crying onstage and then crying offstage with my friends!