Photo: Bree Marie Fish

MacKenzie Porter

Canada-born, Nashville-based country-pop musician MacKenzie Porter is preparing to share her debut album Nobody’s Born With a Broken Heart after a long journey of perfecting it.

Within the vulnerable album, due April 24, she explores life’s heartbreaks which range from friendships, careers, family, health, and love. There’s a song on it for everyone. EUPHORIA. had the opportunity to chat with Porter on Zoom about the album and her musical upbringing.

Photo: Bree Marie Fish

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to chat! First, take us back to the beginning. When did you figure out that music was your calling?

Well, I started playing violin and piano at four. I don’t really remember a time that I wasn’t doing music or surrounded by music so I don’t know when I thought it was my calling. I definitely knew it was something I was heavily passionate about. I think I didn’t start writing songs till I was 18 or so, so a little bit later but I was always performing and recording before that.

You’re gearing up to release your debut album in April! How exciting! Can you tell us a little about the creative process?

It’s been a long process. We started writing years ago. We started cutting in February/March of 2023 and working on it since then. It’s been a big labor of love and there are songs on there that go back to 2016/2017 and there are ones that really I wrote while we were cutting the ones in the studio.

Here’s a fun question! What would the elevator pitch be that would make people want to listen to the album?

I think this is my best work yet! There are a lot of songs on there that have healed me as I wrote them or they were an outside cut through this journey of somebody my age. I think that people will also get that experience. There are moments on there that are fun – that people can go and get ready for and sassy moments, but a lot of depth on them too.

I know you’ve released five songs from the album already, so which other track that has yet to be released are you excited for fans and listeners to hear?

Honestly all of them, but a couple from the top of my head: there’s one called “Coming Home to You” that I’m really excited for. It’s a love song- one of the only love songs on the record but it’s very much where I’m at.  There’s one called “Confession” that I think people are really going to love. There’s one called “Rough Around” – it’s super fun! We added a really long fiddle solo and it’s just a vibe so probably those three off the top of my head.

What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome since starting out in this industry?

The biggest hurdle is getting a song on the radio is a really hard process and still towards that.

Throughout your career thus far, how have you connected with like-minded people through music? 

A lot of my best friends are songwriters. It’s what we enjoy doing together. We’ll go out to one of our cabins or fly to Palm Springs and write songs. It’s not only what we would do for fun but also our careers, so you need to surround yourself with people who love to do what you do and that for me is songwriting and performing.

Photo: Bree Marie Fish

Let’s throw it back to your collar “Thinking ‘Bout You” with Dustin Lynch. What was it like working with him?

He’s amazing! He’s such a nice guy. I know people say that all the time but he really is such a sweetheart. Not only did I get a lot of firsts from that. We got to play The Opry, Jimmy Kimmel, and all these big stages but I got a really good friend out of it. My first US number 1 on radio. He’s one of the good ones in this industry.

What inspires you both on a personal and professional level?

Just knowing I can do something or prove somebody wrong. It’s probably not the best thing to be inspired by but just knowing that this is what I’m meant to do and I’ll probably have to fight a lot of people along the way or hear a lot of no’s but every day to wake up and be like, ‘This is what I believe I’m meant to do.’

What has been your biggest takeaway from the experience of creating Nobody’s Born With a Broken Heart?

It has been patience because it’s been such a long journey. I’ll never go this long between projects again but I learned a lot along the way. I grew a lot and I got better at my craft, job, songwriting, and performing. I think it taught me all those things…to be better.

Lastly, what’s next for you? What are some goals you want to accomplish this year?

Obviously, we’re going to be touring a ton in the summer and the fall. I’m also having a baby so that’s a big thing! It’s something I’m really excited about. After that, touring as a family and the balance of being an artist and being a career person, and being a mom at the same time.