Photo: Marcel Brell


On a rainy Thursday afternoon in London, powerhouse vocalist Anastacia appears on the third floor of an office in Kings Cross. She’s been participating in interviews all day but was still a bundle of energy when I arrive for her final chat. Greeted with a warm hug, the Chicago-born star appears exactly how you’d imagine. In head-to-toe glam, Anastasia is covered in gold jewelry while donning a red lip, rhinestone jeans, and specs with leopard-print frames. She’s in town to talk about her eighth studio LP, Our Songs – a concept album of German songs, most of which have been re-written and translated into English. It’s her first studio record since 2017.

“It was a hard pill to swallow for me to say yes to this idea,” she tells EUPHORIA., stating she was initially “conflicted.” Anastacia added: “There was no proof that people really want stuff like this. It got me thinking, ‘Is it a missing link in the music business?’ I knew nobody that had done it before, therefore, it was a risk.” Once she had agreed on the idea, she cracked on with the writing process. While no stranger to putting pen to paper, Anastacia confessed that translating the German songs into English and formulating completely new phrases that fit into the melody was the hardest challenge of all. “I doubted myself along the way,” she says. However, she powered through. “I did get very good at it and wrote the last song in half an hour, but I have to say, it was a struggle.”

Photo: Marcel Brell

“There was definitely a feeling of, ‘I can’t do this!’ but now I look at it and think, ‘Wow, that’s fucking amazing!’ I’m so happy about everything that happened on it. I’m happy that I was able to translate some of the songs. I’m grateful that I put out a product that I’m super proud of visually.”

Our Songs consists of 12 German songs from throughout the decades that date back from 1973 up until 2019. From Die Toten Hosen (“Best Days”) and Sarah Connor (“Beautiful”) to Tokio Hotel (“Monsoon”) and Johannes Oerding (“Now or Never”), Anastacia highlights and honors some of the country’s most historic artists and tracks by taking them to an international audience. Receiving everyone’s seal of approval to record a rendition, Anastacia expresses the love she’s felt since the album’s release has been gratifying. “Within the first week, I had heard from four people all loving it and talking to the press going, ‘It’s amazing.’ It just was trippy,” she says. “I don’t think that the people that I haven’t heard from have a negative connotation with any of it. Obviously, it was approved, but I haven’t heard what Sarah Connor has to say about ‘Beautiful,’ but truthfully, it’s a beautiful song and I appreciate being able to get a chance to bring the words out in English.”

Photo: Marcel Brell

I alert Anastacia that my personal favourite cover is of Tokio Hotel’s 2005 No. 1 hit “Durch den Monsun,” which became the band’s first English hit when it was rerecorded as “Monsoon” two years later. According to her, I’m the first of many who share a similar opinion. “I’ve heard a lot of people that are liking ‘Monsoon.’ I have to say, that was a surprising one for me because I liked the song and everything but it went to a different level the minute I started really digging into it vocally. And it got rockier,” she says. Anastacia insists that her inner sassy diva came out during the recording process. “The Anastacia Sprock energy returned,” she added. “That was a sleeper. I didn’t see that one coming. I saw ‘Still Loving You’ being awesome but when ‘Monsoon’ happened, I was like, ‘Oh!’”

Initially, Anastacia had no plans to collaborate on the record. However, upon working on “Just You,” the opportunity to duet with Peter Muffay, the singer behind the original, came unexpectedly and immediately it was a done deal. “It was the last song that I thought would be approved. So that I could write it, I had a FaceTime with him, and in that FaceTime, he was like, ‘Okay, write and translate the words and just send it to me so I can sing my part.’ That’s how I found out he wanted to do it, literally in that moment,” she explains. “I didn’t wanna question it. I was like, ‘Okay, great.’ And I got off the call and I was like, ‘Did I hear that right? Is he wanting to sing this song with me?’ It was huge. He’s never done a duet with anyone. I was like, ‘Okay, kill me now.’ He’s been in the business forever!”

Photo: Marcel Brell

Anastacia’s commercial success over the past 24 years is well documented. We’re talking about a triumphant run of multiplatinum albums, hit singles, such as “I’m Outta Love,” “One Day in Your Life,” and “Left Outside Alone,” that still dominate the airwaves, back-to-back tours, 30 million album sales, and number-one singles in 19 countries. As one of the most successful artists to emerge in the early 2000s with such a distinctive, recognizable voice, her days as a charting artist more than two decades in are far from over and the proof is in this current release. Peaking at No. 2 on the official German album chart, Our Songs marked Anastacia’s highest-charting album since her 2004 self-titled. It was also listed as one of the country’s best-selling albums of 2023. A household name across mainland Europe, the LP has been a top-10 success in various other countries. Beaming with pride, Anastacia reveals the album is close to going gold in Germany, which she teases will be honored with a “gold package.”

Does that mean more new music is coming so soon? “There’s a jam coming,” she says. Remaining tight-lipped, Anastacia doesn’t announce anymore. But, the next year is going to keep fans anticipating, that’s for sure. From July, Anastacia will perform in stadiums for Muffay’s Farewell Tour across Germany. For UK fans, she insists she will be appearing “periodically,” but “not touring-wise.” This summer, however, Anastacia says she hopes to announce her next tour for 2025. And with the 25th anniversary of her debut album, Not That Kind, approaching, she is going to make sure that her legacy is honored in the way it deserves to be.

The “Best Days” are still ahead!