Kacey Musgraves Launches Deeper Well Collaboration With Boy Smells

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves announced the launch of DEEPER WELL ($56), her latest scent collaboration with fragrance and home brand Boy Smells. This is Musgraves’ second collaboration with Boy Smells after the triumphant success of their first collaboration in 2020, SLOW BURN ($56), named after the track off her 2019 album Golden Hour

The candle, named after Musgraves’ newest album and title track, is designed as a sound-to-scent exploration of the themes and lyrics prevalent throughout the new songs. According to the announcement, the candle is a nourishing mix of natural and earthy scents including saffron, eucalyptus, raspberry, mushroom, beetroot, oakmoss, and more. The combination “reflect(s) a returning to roots” and “a distillation of what’s essential,” which is also explored through the album.  

“This new album is an honest excavation of my own transformation the last few years,” Musgraves said. “I’m emerging more centered, grounded, and trusting of myself than ever—and I knew that I wanted to create a multi-sensorial experience that cultivates self-discovery and our connection to the natural world.”

In her Instagram post about the new candle launch, Musgraves also shared, “Scent and sound are so strongly tied to memory. It’s an extremely exciting challenge for me to bring a songs to life in another sense, generating a more 3D experience. It starts with thinking: what would this song look like? And then, if pulled from auditory into the olfactory dimension: what would this song smell like?”

The scent was made in collaboration between Musgraves and Boy Smells Co-Founder Matthew Herman in New York, where they curated everything from the scent curation process, all the way down to the packaging. 

“Kacey effortlessly embodies genuine self-expression,” said Herman. “Just as in her music, fragrance becomes a deeply personal expression, and Kacey devoted her unwavering work ethic to bring this partnership to life.” 

Ahead of the launch, Boy Smells and Musgraves hosted a private launch party in New York on February 22nd to give attendees a preview of the new scent and a chance to explore Musgraves’ Deeper Well. The launch party included a living garden installation, signature cocktails inspired by the scent notes from the candle, and a preview of her new album. 

DEEPER WELL is now available to purchase exclusively on BoySmells.com and at kaceymusgraves.com. The candle will launch in retail stores worldwide including Sephora, Nordstrom, and SpaceNK in April 2024.