Emilia & NATHY PELUSO Are Powerful Supernovas For Fiery “JET_Set.mp3” Video

Latin superstars Emilia and NATHY PELUSO are the ultimate supernovas in the music video for their slayful new collaboration, “JET_Set.mp3.”

The powerful duo teamed up for the track to serve as an added addition to Emilia’s sophomore album, .mp3. Taking major influence from the iconic 2000s decade, the vibrant release proved a smash, debuting as the world’s No. 1 female album, ranking fourth on Spotify’s Global List, and setting records with more than 356 million streams.

The music video to accompany the new song is badass from the moment go. Receiving a call from a waste man on her Motorola Razr flip phone (remember those?!), Emilia immediately declares, “I don’t wanna be your lover,” before ending the call and pulling out her gun.

Keeping with the theme of Y2K, both stars can be seen taking influence from strong, iconic female characters. Emilia appears to embody Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider character Lara Croft while PELUSO’s role takes inspiration “from the deadliest woman in the world”, also known as the Bride, from Kill Bill, famously portrayed by Uma Thurman. In other scenes, there is also a clear Matrix vibe going on.

Watch the video in full below:

“When creating ‘JET_Set.mp3’ I told NATHY that we needed a song that conveyed the power we possess, and that when women listen to it they feel the same way. The song reflects that and unites both of our worlds,” Emilia exclusively told EUPHORIA. for the release of the video.

In our interview with Emilia last year, the singer told us how much it meant to collaborate with PELUSO.

“I have admired Nathy for a long time, collaborating is a dream come true. It’s beautiful to see how we all, with each of our personalities and talents, have made such a big mark. It makes me very happy,” she said.

“We as women have created a beautiful movement in Argentina of supporting one another and celebrating one another. These women on my album mean so much to me! And I am so grateful to have them collaborate with me.”

More images of the spicy duo on set: