Zara Larsson – You Love Who You Love

They say love is blind and this phrase can’t be any truer for Zara Larsson’s friend in “You Love Who You Love.” The song is about seeing someone stuck in a toxic relationship and trying your best to open their eyes, but they push back. It’s hurtful to be that person who watches a friend or loved one get broken by a partner over and over again, and yet they refuse to wake up.

Larsson’s latest offering perfectly captures that pain and frustration we feel for anyone in a compromising situation in their love life. “You’re so in love, but him is tragic / You just wanna have him all to yourself (Ah) / And to your family, he’s perfect / But behind the curtains, he’s someone else,” Larsson kicks off singing in the first verse.

In the chorus, she freely expresses her mind about the relationship, singing, “Girl, give him up / I’m tellin’ you as a friend / What he’s puttin’ you through is too much / I told you enough / But you don’t wanna listen / You just tell me, “You love who you love.””

Speaking on how “You Love Who You Love” came to be, Larsson said: “We started writing over PRIDE, and began talking about how amazing it is that anyone can love anyone – but that doesn’t mean you always should! We’ve all had that friend, or been that friend, who keeps going back to someone who’s bad for them, and ‘You Love Who You Love’ is saying enough is enough.”

For the Scandi pop-rock track, Larsson enlisted the help of long-time collaborator MNEK, with rising duo MTHR handling the production. Released as the latest offering from her upcoming album VENUS, Larsson stepped into the Venus-goddess persona for the song’s cover. The project is said to be an evolution, where she boldly delves into the mythic aspects of love and how different they are from reality, as she explores love in its modern-day form.

There are a lot of themes of love explored in VENUS; whether with a partner (“You Love Who You Love”), family (“On My Love”), your craft (“End Of Time”), or with yourself (“Can’t Tame Her”). Celebrating the many shades of love by owning all sides of her sound and her art, as Zara herself puts it: “It’s a little bit all over the place, but that’s honestly just very me!”

Larsson is set to embark on a promotional tour for the album. “The Venus Tour” will be kicking off on February 16th at the Manchester Academy. The tour will take her to Birmingham, London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, and many others.