When YONAKA released one of their best-performing songs “Seize the Power” in 2021, they said, “We want you to get lost in a feeling of strength and empowerment when listening to this song,” but this sentiment more than also applies to their latest release, “PREDATOR.”

Listen up, now I’m a leader / You don’t wanna dare bite the hands that feeds ya / I ain’t never been scared of the wrath of my demons / I’m a monster and I’ll have you bitches screaming,” vocalist Theresa Jarvis kicks off the confidence-boosting anthem, singing.

The song describes a situation when one believes in one’s strength and worth and isn’t threatened by any action from anyone else. “I come fresh with an army / Heard you got the gasoline, pour a little on me / I spit fire, I ain’t never been sorry / Belly of the beast, this is my damn story.”

The empowering lyrics are backed up with a head-nodding melody and a strong instrumental designed to supplement the song’s lyrics rather than just act as a break to it. In general, if you’ve got a cool message and a somewhat catchy melody, you just gotta make the song end as quickly as possible to increase its odds of keeping listeners clicking repeat more times than is absolutely necessary. Anyway, long gone are the days of songs that cross the four-minute mark.

YONAKA teased the song with a few clips where their vocalist, Jarvis, was singing along to the song. Prior to its release, multiple snippets were shared. While the band made a strong comeback in 2023 with songs like “Panic” and “Welcome to My House,” it seems they’re gearing up for an even bigger year in 2024.

“PREDATOR” was written by YONAKA’s bass and keyboard player, Alex Crosby, George Werbrouck-Edwards, and Jarvis, with Crosby and Jarvis overseeing production. On December 12th, the band shared, “Btw we have a little song called PREDATOR dropping in January and you can bet we will be playing it on tour in March. ”

Touring has been a central part of the English rock band’s artistry since they first released their debut album Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow in 2019. They officially launched their music career on the BBC Introducing stage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2016.

Shortly after the release of “PREDATOR,” the band updated their cover picture on their social media platforms with the word “YONAKA” written in red over a white background, signaling the coming of a new era.